Business Analytics Tools From Jive Deliver Customer Insight & Help Predict Community Behavior

Technology from new acquisition introduces groundbreaking analytics tools to drive business value, revenue growth and customer satisfaction

May 09, 2013, 08:00 ET from Jive Software

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- New business analytics technologies available today from Jive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: JIVE) enable businesses to measure the reach, reaction and influence of their work, and use predictive analysis to anticipate customer behavior, including their loyalty, likelihood to buy and predict customer churn.

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Jive's new analytics tools span three key areas within social business:

  • Jive Resonata for businesses to obtain community insight that drives revenue, customer service and satisfaction
  • Impact Metrics for individuals and departments to measure the impact of their business communications on their key constituents
  • Business Foresight for departments to improve productivity and revenue through better corporate alignment

Jive Resonata – Insights That Drive Customer Engagement Jive Resonata is the most advanced analytics package for public communities on the market – giving businesses actionable real-time intelligence to optimize revenue, customer satisfaction and reduce attrition. Jive Resonata's big data technology is based on technology developed by CLARA, an analytics company recently acquired by Jive.

Using natural language processing technology, Jive Resonata can analyze the massive amount of conversation in a community to understand sentiment trends, hot topics, and behaviors that help predict potential business risk or opportunity.  Together, these capabilities drive customer engagement and help predict behavior that can directly impact key business value metrics such as:

  • Customer churn due to product or service issues
  • Changes in subscription and new customer acquisition rates
  • Customer satisfaction ratings of new products or services

Jive Resonata is currently available for monitoring and analysis of external customers communities built on Jive's leading social business platform or Lithium forums. Resonata is already in use with some of the largest video game communities on the Internet today. 

Jive Resonata includes:

  • Out-of-box text analytics and natural language processing technology to review massive volumes of textual data, identify trends, monitor behavior and perform sentiment analysis that's impossible by people alone
  • Powerful metadata processing tools to target and understand the different demographics, psychographics and behavioral profiles of customers
  • Flexible analysis capabilities to collect information from multiple online sources, giving instant business intelligence to strategies and decisions
  • Sophisticated algorithms to analyze community data and reveal user sentiment on specific topics that affect business health
  • Visual reporting that allow community managers to identify trends

Business Foresight: Understand Where Business Is Going In the near future, Jive Resonata will also be deployed across internal communities to measure similar metrics – the health, sentiment and likely future behaviors of employees across companies.

"With Jive Resonata, our external community platform now has powerful capabilities that deliver incredible value to companies and gives them a significant competitive advantage in their markets," said Oudi Antebi, senior vice president of product management for Jive. "Companies that take advantage of these analytics can benefit from critical information and drive real business value from their customer communities."

"Analytics tools that bolster engagement, highlight community trends and help predict customer behavior is the new way to work in the market. In just a short span of time using Jive Resonata, businesses can optimize communications and collaboration processes that directly impact their business results," said Gunnar Holmsteinn, founder of CLARA and director of product management at Jive. "We couldn't be more excited to apply these critical tools to Jive's customers and communities across the world."

Impact Metrics – Ensure Everyone Can See the Impact Of their Work Jive is also offering Impact Metrics, a new category of personal analytics, which gives anyone at any level the ability to monitor and deeply understand the impact of their own work or a group's work. Impact Metrics measures the reach, reaction and influence of the content or communication shared and also evaluates the timeframe and catalyst around an idea that gained traction, inspired actions and delivered outcomes. Impact Metrics enable employees and managers to improve how they communicate to better align organizations and optimize business results.

For example, an executive who issues a weekly employee blog post can now actively monitor how many employees view, comment, like, share and bookmark the post – which in turn helps them fine-tune future posts for added traction, alignment and business outcomes. Impact Metrics are available immediately as part of the Jive Spring cloud release.

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* Source: Top three global business consultancy research; November 2012

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