Businessman worth $581M, Nahshon Nahshonov, Makes Donation to WWII Veterans

May 12, 2013, 05:48 ET from Isra Diamond International Ltd.

MOSCOW, May 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Nahshon Nahshonov, a remarkable individual who's intensively involved with charity work , has recently decided to channel some of his fortune to groups of needy individuals that are sadly not given as much care as they should be. Being a young Jewish man from Russia, Nahshonov has compassion and understanding towards this specific group of people, WWII veterans in Eastern Europe. It is almost impossible to imagine the hardships these individuals have gone through and Nahshonov has made their recent Easter a bit better by donating $1,350,000 via his company "Isra Diamond International".

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The altruistic donation Nahshonov made has assisted Eastern European Veterans with food, shelter, day to day necessities, toys for their children and more. This large sum of money was a blessing for the veterans who had been living in need.

The generous donation was given not only to WWII veterans but to groups of gypsies and communists who suffered from the war aswell. Nahshonov's donation was given to WWII veterans, gypsies and communists from various Eastern European countries; Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirgizstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

Nahshon Nahshonov is a young Russian entrepreneur who's been involved in many different successful businesses; Nahshonov is a leader in the diamond industry and a key individual in the tobacco industry with his tobacco company "Marpela". These are only 2 examples of his accomplishments out of his impressive track record. Nahshonov is also the proud owner of a hotel called Ruta Zotoka in the Ukraine.

During these days, his next project is cooperation with FTV - Nahshonov, alongside FTV, will open global FTV shops when the first one is scheduled to open this year in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

At the beginning of the year, a financial disaster occurred in Cyprus which resulted in many bank accounts being held with no ability to retrieve any funds by account holders. Despite the situation, Nahshonov still donates to various groups of people who are in need.

SOURCE Isra Diamond International Ltd.