"By Chance" Contest Ends With Happily Ever After For Two Couples

Two Couples Win $5,000 in TACORI Jewelry by Sharing their "By Chance" Love Story

Apr 01, 2013, 17:24 ET from TACORI

LOS ANGELES, April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TACORI, the renowned jewelry company, has announced a very happy ending for their "By Chance" Valentine's Day Campaign, as not one, but two lucky couples were declared winners of the Grand Prize of $5,000 in TACORI jewelry. 

The "By Chance" contest, which launched on February 13, 2013, was created by TACORI to support and celebrate love.   The contest required that couples enter a photo and a 10 word love story of how they met "By Chance."  Each couple had the ability to promote their entry via social media to achieve the most "hearts" on their submitted photo.   The entry with the most "hearts" when the contest closed would be awarded the $5,000 jewelry prize.

Upon review of the final vote count, the TACORI technologists found that two couples were in a virtual statistical tie.  With this information, coupled with the understanding of what the contest was all about (celebrating love!), TACORI felt that the right thing to do would be to award both couples the Grand Prize.  

Although this was a very unexpected result, TACORI is thrilled to have Alexis and Chance of Coshocton, Ohio and Stacey and Cam of Banff, Canada as Winners of the TACORI "By Chance" contest.  

Stacey and Cam shared their 10 word love story, "Met in Beautiful Banff… the rest is history!"  

Stacey and Cam rallied their community to their cause, and in Stacey's words, "We had overwhelming amounts of support from places we never knew were possible.  I am now known by the Mayor of Banff and a whole provincial Travel Bureau just by word of mouth.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity."

Alexis and Chance shared their 10 word love story, "My Airman, Chance and I! Truly is Love by Chance!"

Alexis and her appropriately named love, Chance, also received incredible local support.  "This whole experience has really restored some faith in humanity for me!  It was amazing to watch complete strangers come together to support true love and isn't that what this was all about?"

The "By Chance" contest was inspired by the TACORI Par Chance short film, which explores the ideas that true love can happen, from one chance encounter.   http://www.tacori.com/par-chance

See all the "By Chance" stories, here:  http://www.tacori.com/bychance.

Full press release available here: http://www.tacori.com/blog/press-release-by-chance-contest-ends-happily-ever-after-for-two-couples/


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