BYL Network, Inc. and The Media Guy Team Up to Offer Brands a Revolutionary Platform to Broadcast and Monetize 24/7 Channels Around the World.

Aug 15, 2017, 10:18 ET from The Media Guy

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- With over 1 million videos a day being uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, three former television and media executives have teamed up to launch an online broadcast management system that offers companies a new distribution platform to stream, track and monetize video content.

This broadcast management platform is called BYL Network, Inc. which provides any brand, company or video content creator a way to broadcast to millions of people over any single URL in real-time and on-demand, without the use of conventional broadcast transmitters, downloaded software, satellite equipment, 3rd party websites (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and virtually all other social media platforms) or set-boxes.  

BYL Network, Inc. ( was formed and founded by Jordan Aloof and Danielle Silverman in 2012. Mr. Aloof believes the future of the television is all about streaming video. "This system was built for the average person to be able to easily upload, manage, broadcast and monetize content all-in-one place with no need to hire an outside website developer or to use 3rd party websites," said Mr. Aloof. "We chose The Media Guy because we feel Howard's experience, knowledge and connections will be a tremendous asset in helping us grow the BYL Network well beyond it's current channel lineup."

The Media Guy was founded by Howard Greenberg, a media executive with more than 40 years experience who specializes in waste identification and media investment optimization. "There is tremendous uncertainty for anyone buying media today," said Howard. "Print is declining, people are watching more time-shifted and on demand TV, cable and satellite penetration is on the decline and paid services are up to 50% of radio audiences. Video is where it's at and the BYL Network  is revolutionary and on the forefront utilizing proprietary broadcast technology."

Since 2012, BYL Network, Inc. has launched a Women's Channel, Men's Channel, Money Channel, Home & Travel Channel, Health Care Channel, Boca Raton, Florida Channel called WeBocaTV and Fitness Channel called Happy Healthy Stronger. Additional channels will be launching in 2017-2018 and can be up and running in less than 30 days.   For more information about BYL Network, Inc. visit or call 561-715-1774. For more information about The Media Guy visit or call 954-332-1454.

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