CA BOTANA International, Inc., Announces Positive Clinical Results for Prho-LE™Anti-Aging Serum

Apr 10, 2013, 14:53 ET from CA BOTANA International, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Prho-Life Style Enhancement (LE)TM Anti-Aging Serum, a peptide-based formulation designed to reverse the effects of aging on the skin, is the first in a series of new products from the CA BOTANA/StemNext/Molecular Botanicals collaboration. Prho-LETM  Anti-Aging  Serum, which stimulates a key stem cell pathway in the epidermis to reduce wrinkles and promote youthful, healthy skin, has recently completed a 28-day human clinical trial in Germany.


Product efficacy was evaluated based on the following metrics: wrinkle depth, skin firmness, skin elasticity, and skin hydration. Average age of the 20 female participants was 46.5 years. Prho-LETM reduced the wrinkles around the eyes ("Crows feet") by an average of 16% as compared to the untreated group. Skin firmness increased an average of 17% as compared to the untreated group, and skin elasticity improved by an average of 10%. Skin hydration increased by an average of 37%. Each participant experienced a positive effect, and the serum was well tolerated in every subject.

Stated Dr. Daniel D. Holsworth, CEO of StemNext, LLC: "These clinical results are an excellent confirmation of our proprietary peptide-based approach to stimulating skin stem cells within the epidermis to produce skin that is younger looking, smoother, firmer, and well-hydrated."

Dr. Dieter Kuster, CEO of Molecular Botanicals, Inc., stated: "By creating a novel formulation of ultra-pure botanicals, novel peptides, and anti-oxidants, we have achieved our goal of developing an efficacious, anti-aging serum that truly reduces wrinkles and improves the skin's appearance."

Prho-LETM will be marketed under the Dr. Schwab Clinical Series.

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