Cailian Press, China's Bloomberg-to-be

Dec 08, 2015, 22:00 ET from Cailian Press

BEIJING, Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- China's traditional financial media is gradually declining after flourishing for more than a decade since the late 1990s. The red-hot Chinese capital market has bred hundreds of millions of financial news readers starved for the key to informed investment decisions when navigating the complex universe of information. Cailian Press, which has grown along with the bull market in 2014, stands out as a rising star of financial new media sought after by the capital market.

The investment community always competes on speed as a minute or a second's delay would make a huge difference in earnings. Likewise, financial news also strives for speed and accuracy. In response to this demand, Cailian Press focuses exclusively on China's stock market and offers professional and accurate information services. It is believed that the rapid rise of Cailian Press, a dark horse amongst Chinese financial information providers, is attributed to its funding team's incisive understanding of customers' pain points. Cailian Press's team is composed of researchers, investors and journalists from mainstream media, which ensures professionalism and allows quick reaction to news events. Its app has attracted more than one million registered users, including both institutional and retail investors who dominate China's stock market, in less than nine months since its launch in March 2015.

Conciseness is seen from layout design to contents. As the slogan "telegraphic newsflash" indicates, every piece of information is concise, professional and practical, which facilitates the decision-making of investors.

Authenticity of information is another top concern of Chinese investors. The stock market is flooded with all kinds of rumors and fake news, leaving investors struggling to distinguish facts from hearsay. It is comforting to know that every piece of news from Cailian Press is published after being verified with reliable media or sources, which gives full guarantee of the accuracy of information. 

While other players shift away from PC and ramp up efforts on mobile, Cailian Press pays special attention to the usage habits of investors who are more used to browsing information on desktop than on mobile devices when making investment decisions. As a result, Cailian Press has developed a PC client tailored to their needs, which helps it gain a foothold in the market when its competitors are fighting on mobile.

At present, numerous Chinese financial media model themselves on Bloomberg but Cailian Press is the only one that has demonstrated the potential to be China's Bloomberg.

Bloomberg's flagship product, The Bloomberg Professional, integrates news, data, analytics tools, multi-media reports and straight-through processing into one single platform. Cailian Press goes further. In addition to incorporating data and analytics tools into the solution, Cailian Press also rolls out the Feng System Expert Network.

Feng System Expert Network connects tens of thousands of investors with 300,000 first-rate experts in a wide variety of fields who help investors scan unfamiliar markets and quicken the evaluation of new business opportunities for faster and smarter decision-making. Its well-trained analysts assist investors to reach specialists from all over the world. The Network has built a close relationship with industry experts and launched a technology-based search engine. Senior executives, regulators, and those with professional expertise are all included in this dynamic neuron-like network to equip investors with diversified decision-making tools. In addition, Feng System works in close cooperation with China's leading brokerage firms and listed companies in the areas of industry research, due diligence and road show.

Apart from Feng System Expert Network, Blue Whale Media, its parent company, also provides a powerful launching pad for Cailian Press. Blue Whale Financial Journalists Work Platform, run by Blue Whale Media, provides daily service support to financial journalists across China, which strengthens the connection between Cailian Press and major financial media. Moreover, Hunshui We-Media Alliance, owned by Blue Whale Media, gives Cailian Press more say on we-media and social media and serves as a platform for a wide range of media organizations, expanding the influence of Cailian Press in the media industry.

Cailian Press is a new media platform affiliated with Securities Times. It closed RMB 50 million in Series A round of funding in July 2015, which was led by CDH Investments and joined by Stone Capital and Rich-yield Capital. Venture capitals have chosen Cailian Press for its disruptive innovation in financial information services.

It is said that Cailian Press's next move is to build a community for stock investors, run a private equity workshop to train private equity managers, and establish a big data forecast center. A new round of financing for Cailian Press has already been launched.

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