Calgon Relaunches Website and E-Commerce Now Features a Fragrance Finder, Trivia Quiz and Store Locator

Jun 10, 2010, 09:00 ET from Calgon

BALTIMORE, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Calgon, a leading bath and beauty brand best known for its iconic tagline "Calgon, Take Me Away!," announced today the launch of their newly designed website,  This announcement comes on the heels of a complete rebranding effort for the brand announced in December 2009, including new packaging, logo, product extensions and a bold new marketing campaign.  The new reinforces Calgon's strong brand heritage in the bath category with fully refreshed and revitalized imagery to help consumers rediscover an engaging and sensual Calgon experience. The site's e-commerce has also been fully revamped to offer all of the new Calgon products such as the newly packaged Bath Beads cylinders.  

One of the primary goals of the redesigned was to engage and inspire current and new visitors with an interactive, user-friendly website. The overall aesthetic integrates a bolder, brighter color palette to complement the new colorful packaging from the rebranding. Floating throughout the background of the website are moving bubbles, a playful feature that reinforces the brand's rich bath history. Product shots are also used as visual focal points with three rotating messages featuring new product launches. In addition, the homepage includes new interactive features such as $1 off online coupon, official Facebook and Twitter links, and fun Calgon trivia to instantly engage with consumers.

Another major emphasis in the redesign was placed on educating consumers about the new products and fragrances, and guiding them to a convenient store location. A new store locator map function was implemented to help direct consumers to convenient store locations in the United States and Canada with the use of a dynamic map and ZIP code search. An interactive "Fragrance Finder" tool is another consumer-friendly feature that was designed to help visitors find their signature Calgon fragrance based on scent preferences and emotional associations. Product pages also educate the consumer on feature ingredients and skin benefits while offering convenient links to learn more and purchase other Calgon products and fragrances. also highlights emblematic "Calgon, Take Me Away!" moments that have been embedded within pop culture — citing references in TV shows, films and music.  YouTube videos featuring Calgon's iconic television commercials are also featured, along with a trivia quiz with some of the brand's most famous cultural references. In addition, the website also encourages current Calgon fans to post their own "Calgon, Take Me Away" moments by integrating into the "Community" Section a live Twitter feed of tweets citing Calgon's memorable tagline.

"We are delighted to engage our customers with an enhanced website that will not only educate our consumers, but also inspire them," said Bernie Kropfelder, EVP of Marketing and Sales of Ilex Consumer Products Group.   "The website's user-friendly, interactive capabilities and impactful imagery embody our rebranding efforts and the future direction of the brand. We are confident that both old and new visitors to the site will rediscover an engaging and sensual Calgon experience that is fun, exciting and accessible." was built and designed by Fastspot based in Baltimore, Maryland.  


Calgon is a complete line of bath and beauty products managed by Ilex Consumer Products Group.  The Calgon brand launched in 1946 and in the 1960s became famous with their tagline "Take Me Away!" which has become a widely known pop culture reference.  In 2010, Calgon will relaunch with 30 new products on the marketplace, giving the Calgon brand the widest range of specialty bath and basic bath products in the category.  Calgon is sold at Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Kroger and Fred Meyer among other national retailers. Calgon products can also be found online at