California Drivers Choose the Most Californian Rental Car Company

California Rent-A-Car is named after the state its owners love, and they've modeled their business on the California ethos.

Jun 14, 2013, 17:12 ET from California Rent-A-Car

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- If you're a transplant Californian, you're no doubt aware of what others say about California natives: that they're laid back to a fault, obsessed with their appearance, and eager to flaunt tradition in favor of the next fad, whatever it may be. However, California is the most populous state in the USA, and as such, its real culture is among the most multifaceted in the world. That's why California Rent-A-Car is the economy and luxury car rental agency of choice for Californians who love their fascinating state, and everything it stands for: diversity, ecology, and most of all, fun.

Quality car rental in Los Angeles, like most businesses in the area, draws influence, and indeed products from around the world. The selection at California Rent-A-Car is no different. There is no shortage of American cars at California Rent-A-Car, but just like your multicultural Los Angeles neighborhood, options from all over the world are mixed in, and sometimes the American melting pot makes the distinction irrelevant. California Rent-A-Car's Toyota rentals, for instance, are Japanese in their ancestry, but almost all of them were made here in the USA. Apart from cars from many countries, there are also cars for every purpose. High-performance, everyday city driving vehicles are available for long-term renters. There's a wide range of convertible car rental options for tourists and residents alike who want to take in the gorgeous Californian scenery. California Rent-A-Car even has spacious options, like large capacity transport in the 12-passenger Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and alternatives for families looking for an SUV rental in Los Angeles.

But even with demand for sports car rentals, there are countless Californians with a deep and abiding concern for their state's local environment, and the global environment as well. The Tesla S is now available to rent at California Rent-A-Car. This California-made electric sports car truly embodies everything about the state, it's sexy, fun, and on top of it all, the Tesla doesn't pollute. Much in the way California was among the first states to pass pollution restrictions and crack down on carbon emissions, Tesla shows California leading the way when it comes to alternative energy.

But most of all, California Rent-A-Car wants you to have a good time on the road. In the famous Saturday Night Live sketch series called "The Californians" a collection of tan, blond upper class showbiz types all got together to talk about organic avocados, and to endlessly discuss which freeway would be the best way to get where. It's true that we Californians love talking about our delicious local produce, but most would argue that our crowded freeways are not a topic of conversation we have any particular relish for. California Rent-A-Car suggests that if you're in California this summer, you use your satellite navigation (available at a great discount) to find a path to where you're going that doesn't involve freeways. Take the road less travelled and you're likely to get a glimpse of some of the things we truly love about our state.

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