California Group to Run TV Ad in Presidential Debate Calling for Less Legal Immigration to Open More Jobs

Sep 06, 2011, 11:22 ET from Californians for Population Stabilization

Californians For Population Stabilization Asks If Republican Candidates Know How Many Legal Immigrants Are Admitted Annually To Take Jobs    

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Californians for Population Stabilization will air a TV ad on MSNBC's broadcast of this Wednesday's Simi Valley, Republican Presidential debate.  The commercial makes the connection between LEGAL immigration and job competition and displacement in California.  

"We're going to shine a light on the proverbial elephant in the room," commented Marilyn DeYoung, Chairman of the Board of Californians for Population Stabilization.  "Unfortunately, most Republicans don't know our government is admitting more new, legal immigrants every month than the number of new jobs our economy is creating.  That math doesn't add up for anyone, not Californians who can't find jobs, not new legal immigrants and certainly not for the American taxpayer."  

Marilyn DeYoung has seen it far too often at Republican meetings she attends throughout the state.  Republican leaders are anxious to pay lip service to illegal immigration and border security.  However, when she asks these same politicians how many legal immigrants our government admits every month, a befuddled expression typically appears on their faces.  "Ignorance of the facts is no longer an acceptable excuse," commented DeYoung.  "Californians are hurting.  Our leaders need to understand the legal immigration, JOBS connection so we can get Californians working again."    

More legal immigrants settle in California every year than any other state in the country, despite unemployment rates topping 18% in some parts of the state.  Yet with millions of Californians unable to find a job and the state's economy on perpetual life support, Congress continues to allow more than one hundred thousand legal immigrants and temporary workers per month to enter the country and take jobs despite the American economy creating only 100,000 jobs per month or less.  Last month, the economy created no jobs.  Recent studies by the Pew Hispanic Center and Northeastern University indicate that new immigrants are landing American jobs while Americans are losing jobs.    

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SOURCE Californians for Population Stabilization