California Nurses Association to Air Infamous Pete Wilson/Meg Whitman Anti-Immigrant Radio Ad - On Spanish-Language Radio Stations Beginning June 2

Queen Meg to Announce Ad Campaign Wednesday Outside Pete Wilson's House

Ad Debuts on 'Piolin' - Heads Up Central Valley Throughout Week

Event Part of Queen Meg's 'Royal Coronation Tour' - Satire Campaign Inspired by Efforts of ex-Goldman Sachs Director Whitman to Outspend Democracy

Jun 02, 2010, 14:14 ET from California Nurses Association

LOS ANGELES, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Queen Meg of California, arriving in a dazzling royal chariot, accompanied by local registered nurses and Latino activists, will ring the doorbell of Pete Wilson this Wednesday with very exciting news: the California Nurses Association has vowed to run a version of his infamous anti-immigrant/Meg Whitman endorsement radio ad on Spanish-language radio, to ensure that all people can understand the bond between the two. The text is below.

The Queen will announce the purchase of airtime on Spanish-language radio stations, first in Los Angeles during the popular Piolin show and then on a series of Central Valley radio stations through the week leading up to the primary.

The event is part of Queen Meg's week-long "Royal Coronation" tour barnstorm through the state, in the final act of a widely-covered, satire campaign inspired by Whitman's efforts to overwhelm democracy with her bottomless campaign treasury. The tour, in a dazzling wrapped royal chariot, will feature hundreds of local nurses rallying for the coronation of our state's new monarch and her pro-corporate agenda, all covered by the website and facebook page.  

WHAT: Queen Meg Announces Placement of Wilson-Whitman Ad on Spanish Radio

WHEN: Wednesday, June 2, 11:00 a.m.

WHERE: 2700 Monte Mar Terrace, Cheviot Hills, LA

"Pete Wilson disrespected Latinos as Governor and is now campaign chair for former Goldman Sachs director Meg Whitman. My patients and the Latino community deserve to know the truth about these two—and the truth behind Meg Whitman's Wall Street agenda," said Dana Caldera, an RN from Los Angeles. "We're running their ad on Spanish-language radio stations throughout the state to make sure all voters hear these unfair attacks."

"Pete Wilson was more than just a Governor—he was a King of all California! He inspires me to this day," sniffed Queen Meg in response.

Royal Coronation Tour Stops Include:

June 1

Orange County

Queen Meg Graces Meg Whitman Campaign Event

June 2

Los Angeles

Queen Meg Thanks Pete Wilson for Radio Ad

June 3

Palm Springs

Queen Meg's Retirement Plan: 10 More Years at Wal-Mart

June 4

Santa Barbara

Queen Meg Demands "Save BP," Denounces Environment

June 5



Queen Meg Demands: "Keep the Goldman Sachs Donations"

June 6


Queen Meg's Pink Slip Party

June 7


Queen Meg Hits the Hustings

June 8

San Francisco

Queen Meg Knights Goldman and Sachs, for services rendered

"It's satire with a reality bite," commented Malinda Markowitz, RN, co-President of the California Nurses Association. "After all the damage that Goldman Sachs and Wall Street have done to Main Street and everyday Californians, it's absurd to hand over the Governor's mansion to the first ex-Goldman Sachs director willing to spend all her loot. Her threats to cut patient safety regulations are a perfect example of the Wall Street agenda in healthcare." "I could run Goldman Sachs, I can rule California, and I deserve the crown!" countered Queen Meg.


Aqui esta la publicidad sobre immigrantes que Pete Wilson y Meg Whitman NO QUIEREN QUES USTED OIGA...pero sus amigos de La Associacion de Enfermeras en California creen que usted necesita saberlo [Here is the ad about immigrants that Pete Wilson and Meg Whitman don't want you to hear...but your friends at the California Nurses Association think you should.]

Announcer: Meg Whitman on illegal immigration.

Meg Whitman: Don't be fooled by misleading ads, my position on immigration is crystal clear. Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. I am 100 percent against amnesty for illegal immigrants. Period. As Governor, I will crack down on so-called sanctuary cities like San Francisco who thumb their nose at our laws. Illegal immigrants should not expect benefits from the state of California. No driver's license and no admission to state-funded institutions of higher education. And I'll create an economic fence to crack down on employers who break the law by using illegal labor.

Pete Wilson: This is former Governor Pete Wilson. I know how important it is to stop illegal immigration and I know Meg Whitman. Meg will be tough as nails on illegal immigration. She'll fight to secure our border and go after sanctuary cities.

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