CALLAHEAD Introduces Extravagance and Grandeur to the New York Portable Restroom Scene

The Plaza luxury restroom trailer breaks the mold of the portable sanitation industry by providing a solution for outdoor events that rivals the sophistication and class of even the finest indoor restrooms.

Apr 01, 2014, 11:19 ET from CALLAHEAD Corporation

NEW YORK, April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CALLAHEAD has been an innovator in the portable sanitation world for almost four decades, and they never cease to amaze with their features and designs. However, 'The Plaza' Luxury Restroom Trailer may be one of their most impressive offerings yet. When guests enter this gorgeous 26-foot trailer, they will be transported to a washroom that could very well be seen in one of the Newport Mansions in Rhode Island. From marble floors and granite countertops to individual stalls with flushable toilets, The Plaza Luxury Restroom Trailer delivers the ultimate luxurious experience to New York's special events.

Designed with weddings, formal events, and corporate functions in mind, The Plaza Restroom Trailer cuts no corners and provides guests with every amenity desired. To begin, the exterior of the trailer was created with cleanliness in mind. The bright white finish leaves no room for dirt to hide, and the stylish outdoor lighting makes it suitable for day or night. There are two floating staircases, offering an easy entrance into either the men's or women's restroom.

Whichever side of the restroom trailer is chosen, guests will be greeted by an impeccably designed space that emulates the feelings of a high-end hotel restroom. Every square inch of the trailer features deluxe touches, including a black and white marble floor, cashmere granite countertop and exceptional wainscoting and trim work. Large vanity and full-length mirrors, designer artwork, and chrome-finished fixtures complete the restroom trailer with class, with optional floral arrangements, lotion, and hand towels available upon request.

The women's portion of this sophisticated New York portable restroom trailer features two elegant porcelain sinks with auto shut off and four private stalls with floor-to-ceiling locking doors. Inside each stall, a lush porcelain toilet awaits, complete with a foot-pedal flusher for hands free flushing. Additionally, each stall includes granite shelving, trash receptacles, and upscale artwork. The men's side of this upscale restroom trailer features the same sink setup, but differs slightly by offering two separate bathroom stalls and three waterless urinals. The men's urinals are elegantly divided and operate odor free due to their advanced filter system.

Throughout the bathroom trailer there are strategically placed skylights for brightness and freshness, with additional lighting provided by trendy low-volt bulbs. To complete the ambiance, The Plaza luxury restroom trailer also provides a central music system and thermostat-controlled heating and air conditioning.

But the lavish experience doesn't end with this high-end New York City restroom trailer itself. CALLAHEAD always strives to provide top-class service with on-time delivery, 30-minute setup by a uniformed professional, and the exclusive use of hospital-grade disinfectants. The Plaza Restroom Trailer is a completely self-contained unit, only requiring an outside electricity source to operate. It will arrive in pristine condition, ready to be enjoyed by hundreds of guests throughout the special event. Nothing has ever been seen like The Plaza Luxury Restroom Trailer in the portable restroom industry and it is sure to redefine how outdoor portable restrooms are regarded.

As a family business, CALLAHEAD is proud to be the leader of the portable sanitation industry in New York. Since 1976, they have been designing innovative portable restrooms for New York with the end user in mind. Currently, they provide first class service to residents and businesses of New York's five boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island), Westchester County, and all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island. To learn more about the VIP Plaza Luxury Restroom Trailer, or to rent one for your next big event, contact CALLAHEAD at 1-800-634-2085 or visit their website at

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