CALLING ALL MOMS: theSkinnyScoop Has the Pulse on Your Perspective

First-Ever Community-Based Polling Tool for Women to Share Honest Insights on What's Top of Mind

From How Best to Discipline your Child to S-E-X, January Findings Reveal that No Topic is Too Taboo!

Jan 14, 2010, 09:00 ET from theSkinnyScoop

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- It used to be that the trials and triumphs of motherhood were kept under wraps. Women would only share tales, concerns and secrets over coffee or in whispered phone conversations. Enter – the first online resource that delivers an up-to-the-minute pulse on a mom's perspective.

Founded by two Stanford Business School Graduates, mothers Eden Godsoe and Erin Crocker, theSkinnyScoop is an online surveying tool that enables moms who want the skinny to get the instant scoop. This community-based social network posts honest and engaging questions on a sundry of topics from parenting and discipline to health and wellness. From there, mothers share their collective wisdom with tried-and-true answers and recommendations. Essentially, all imaginable mom-related questions are answered in one place! Beyond that, users can poll friends, moms with similar profiles, local mom groups in the area, or the entire SkinnyScoop community. They can even piggyback on the best scoop from other moms with their own helpful input.

* theSkinny on Moms by the Numbers

In January, mothers posed and shared direct, no-nonsense responses to hot topics on their mind. For instance, did you know that:

  • 100% of moms have disciplined their kids by shouting
  • 80% of moms are sometimes afraid to cuddle as it will lead to sex
  • 75% of moms got the H1N1 vaccine for their child (toddler to teen)
  • 60% of moms are fans of Crocs for kids
  • 50% of moms have sent their children to school with a slight fever

Up next: Queries on bonding with your child, bullying, plastic surgery and more.

"We're excited about the official launch of theSkinnyScoop! Our site is a digital pipeline of immediate information that captures the voice of today's modern Mom," commented Eden Godsoe, Co-founder, theSkinnyScoop. "Unlike, theSkinnyScoop offers a greater degree of intelligence based on the suggestions of like-minded women -- right down to their local community. As the only online surveying/polling tool for mothers, we're proud to provide users with a timely and geographically relevant snapshot of opinions straight from their peers -- other mothers."

"theSkinnyScoop tracks moms' responses in real-time and, as such, we pick up on the hottest conversational trend-lines," said Erin Crocker, Co-founder, theSkinnyScoop. "The Web site is a sanity check where mothers can compare invaluable user insight to make important household decisions without having to cull through lengthy articles."

theSkinnyScoop's influential users don't sugar-coat their experiences. Inspired to lead rich lives, the users turn to the trusted online source as much for advice on the joys of parenthood as to take the temperature on how a favorite film is faring.  

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About theSkinnyScoop

Founded by two Stanford Graduates, mothers Eden Godsoe and Erin Crocker, theSkinnyScoop is an online surveying tool that enables moms who want the skinny to get the instant scoop. When it comes to important household decisions, moms wear the pants – and trillions of dollars come out of those pant pockets. The online social network and resource tool seeks to engage and empower women across America, allowing them to find, compare and share information that's geographically relevant and top of mind. Visit, where moms go to get the skinny and share the scoop.

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