Calling all Savvy iPhone Developers: Connect to and Enjoy, the Comprehensive, Number One Website for Talking Apps

Jun 07, 2010, 10:12 ET from Acapela Group

SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Acapela Group today is launching its brand new website,, fully dedicated to the developer community, providing straight forward information, support and solutions to develop smart talking applications, easily.

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... and learn what speech synthesis can bring to your application. Register and join us on, share the latest news, follow our topics on twitter and on the blog, access our FAQ, make direct contact with Acapela's Product Manager, take a stroll through our Gallery to hear more about talking apps already available on the Apple Appstore and enter the vocal dimension.

Acapela TTS for iPad and iPhone SDK will add a friendly voice to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch application with a few lines of code, in 22 languages and a choice of 44 voices.

Follow us on twitter @Acapela_iPhone and meet the Acapela team at WWDC 2010 ( , Moscone, San Francisco, June 7-11.

    Key advantages of Acapela TTS for iPad and iPhone:

    - Supernatural and pleasant voices: easy integration of voices
    for enhanced intuitive multilingual interface (22 Languages, 44 Voices)

    - AppStore compatible pricing: royalties are based on a percentage
    of the selling price. Other models (inAppPurchase, etc.) are available

    - Two voice formats: Low Footprint 20 to 30MB/voice and High
    Quality Medium (40 to 250MB/voice)

    - iPod audio friendly: perfectly integrated with AudioSession,
    allows users to work effectively with iPod music (interrupt and resume,
    mix, ...)

    - Multi-devices: Acapela TTS for iPhone and iPad are static
    libraries compatible with all iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad versions, as
    well as the iPhone and iPad simulator on Mac OS X.

    - Easy integration: thanks to the High Level API written in
    Objective C, developers will be able, with a minimum of code lines, to
    quickly and easily integrate speech synthesis into their application for
    iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. is part of the new portal, brought to you by Acapela to provide developers with the information they are looking for, quickly and efficiently., the Acapela cloud computing service, is also part of this portal which will soon be extended to other products and solutions.

About Acapela Group

Acapela Group, the leading European voice expert, invents text to speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to 25 languages. Our speech solutions allow you to turn any written text into natural speech files, using any of our 50 High Quality standard voices or your own synthezised voice talent. Acapela can answer all text to speech needs and provide perfect vocalization whether for voice integration and development, online & on demand use, audio files production, or ready to speak products for personal accessibility use.

Check out - the sparkling laboratory of Acapela Group, for a fresh and exciting take on how speech synthesis can now be used: is a showcase and test playground that shares the possibilities of speech synthesis with Internet users, allowing them to discover innovative and attractive ways to make smart use of speech applications online.

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