Caltrol Rolls Out New Mobile Service Center To Bring On-Site Repair, Rebuild And Replace Support Directly To Customers

Feb 23, 2016, 14:07 ET from Caltrol

LIVERMORE, Calif., Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- A leader in industrial process automation in California, Arizona and Hawaii, Caltrol is rolling out a new service solution that gives new meaning to the phrase "delivering excellent customer service." That's because, with the launch of a new utility truck and service trailer, first in Northern California and later in other markets, Caltrol's service group is now able to bring quality repair, rebuild and replace support services on-site at customer locations.

This new "Mobile Service Center" for all forms of valve and valve actuator services includes a medium-duty utility truck equipped with a crane that has a 3.2 ton-rated crane lifting capacity, along with a service trailer. The Center's development and rollout is in direct response to a customer survey that revealed customers prefer the speed, safety and convenience of having work done—whether it be routine or a full rebuild—on-site.

"What's so exciting is the Mobile Service Center eliminates the need to remove critical assets from the customer's site as well as offers a controlled environment in which rebuilds can take place," says Phil O'Leary, Caltrol's Vice President, Services. "The trailer also allows us to keep commonly used parts on hand to reduce lead times as well as provide a platform for a greater on-site presence for our partnership with Fisher Repair Services."

For example, the Center is equipped to remove an existing MOV assembly and perform the following services on-site:

  • Complete electrical inspection/service, including amp/ohm/insulation testing
  • Service limit switch rotor, terminal base and contacts
  • Service contacts, terminals and connections
  • Inspect and service local manual push button station for actuator
  • Inspect related electrical components
  • Inspect mechanical dial position indicator (MDPI) gear train and chain, and lubricate gears where applicable
  • Check grease for contamination and degradation
  • Clean and service valve stem
  • Check de-clutching to ensure proper hand wheel operation, and electrically operate actuator to ensure proper operation
  • Climatize control components and electrical components
  • Operate the MOV assembly one full cycle to analyze operating time, geared limit switch and torque switch function, power voltage and motor current, abnormal noise and vibration and MDPI position indicator motion
  • Check signs of corrosion and touch up paint when needed
  • Remove geared limit switch assembly and check drive pinion
  • Service torque switch assembly
  • Inspect motor pinion, motor pinion key and worm shaft gear/clutch
  • Service declutch lever, hand wheel and spring cap
  • Check worm and worm gear tooth contact
  • Remove and replace grease

Additionally, Caltrol can repair or replace the motor, however, motor repairs are performed off-site.

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