Calypso Builds Premier Video, Animation, Web Production Capabilities

Brand Reach Grows Exponentially Through Symbiotic Messages in Multiple Media

Jan 28, 2013, 09:00 ET from Calypso Communications

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Calypso Communications, a leading marketing communications agency, announced that its team, offerings, and attitude are evolving to embrace new message delivery applications for client brands. Full-time Calypso creative and content producers, plus web developers and social media specialists, work in teams with Calypso's public relations and marketing professionals to achieve optimal message reach for clients' brands.

"As a rule, Calypso advocates 'treating the whole brand' when addressing clients' PR needs," said Calypso Founder Kevin Stickney. "Press releases don't end with three pound signs anymore; they are tweeted, shared, posted, and updated in snippets and messages and tags. They are given new lives through infographics, short films, and blogs. Together, these vehicles compose a new symbiotic message mix and target highly specific business goals."

Calypso's team of video producers, animators, illustrators, and copywriters is integral to that translation process. A recent post on Calypso's Brandcredible blog by Stickney highlights the role interactive and video work can play in public relations and crisis communications efforts -- adding 2-D, 3-D, and HD to a campaign's tactical options.

"My work in video and animation is really a process of visual message craft," said Calypso Video Production Manager Dan Snyder. "The avenues of distribution for these elements are not only growing exponentially, but are becoming more integral to end-to-end brand momentum efforts."

Calypso continues to help clients reach target markets in innovative ways, across a broad range of media. With this core group of technicians and artists in place, the team is integrated in the truest sense. From man-on-the-street video capture to animations that add depth to a narrative, companies have the potential to communicate brand messages in a number of new and strategic ways.

"We have a conspicuous business that requires the crafting of a complex message with a variety of stakeholders, said John O'Sullivan, President of Detroit Renewable Power. "Working with an agency team that understands the sensitivities in the creation of that message, and can articulate it in all of these different applications, is of great value to us."

Visit the Calypso Communications website to view a Calypso-produced process animation video for Detroit Renewable Power, a highlight reel of Calypso's recent video work, and an animated short film about Calypso's integrated approach.

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