Cambridge Pixel Supplies Radar Simulator Software to OSI Maritime for Malaysian Navy Contract

Mar 02, 2016, 12:26 ET from Cambridge Pixel

CAMBRIDGE, England, March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

  • Cambridge Pixel to demonstrate radar capability on booth 35 at Maritime Security East, Norfolk, Virginia, USA on 21-23 March 2016 

Cambridge Pixel (, an award-winning developer of radar display, tracking and simulation subsystems, has supplied radar simulator software to OSI Maritime Systems (OSI), a world-leading provider of integrated navigation and tactical solutions for the naval market.

OSI is supplying an Integrated Bridge System to the Royal Malaysian Navy for use in the soon-to-be commissioned Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).  The fully-functioning radar simulator supports OSI's need to perform integration activities in advance of installation and commissioning on the vessel, and includes comprehensive software emulation of the radar control interface.

The emulator is based upon Cambridge Pixel's established SPx Radar Simulator product.  The simulator includes powerful multi-channel radar video generation with full modelling for realistic terrain and clutter returns.  Multiple targets may be defined, each either located in a fixed position (such as a buoy or lighthouse) or moving along motion profiles defined as part of the simulator's scenario or under remote control from an external source.

Commenting for OSI, Ken Kirkpatrick, president & CEO, said, "We selected Cambridge Pixel because of their existing highly flexible and powerful radar simulation capability and their experience with the Kelvin Hughes SharpEye radar. The company's engineers were able to respond quickly to the requirement to extend this capability to include full radar control and status emulation, providing us in a timely manner with an invaluable tool to support our own software development and significantly accelerate and de-risk our integration activities."

David Johnson, CEO of Cambridge Pixel, said, "We were delighted to work alongside OSI to support their activities on this significant programme. The modular approach which we bring to all our software products meant that enhancing our existing simulation capability to meet the customer's detailed requirements was a low-risk development and could be delivered on time and fully compliant.

"Our radar simulation software and hardware products have supported many customers needing a realistic radar source that can be used to fully exercise tracking and display functionality," added Mr Johnson. "We have been able to build on this capability to meet OSI's needs."

To enhance the realism of the generated video, the simulator can also take real-world recordings obtained from a radar installation and superimpose synthetic targets, each with specific characteristics such as dimensions and radar cross-section. Furthermore, movement of the simulated radar itself can be controlled either by an external navigation feed to the simulator or via a predefined motion profile. The simulator's local display includes a provision for tiled maps and world vector shoreline displays as an underlay to the primary radar video.

To provide a full emulation capability for OSI, Cambridge Pixel augmented the existing radar simulator by emulating the control and status interface of the Kelvin Hughes SharpEye radar used on the Littoral Combat Ship. The resulting emulator can be used to fully exercise the radar control, tracking and display functions of OSI's application software.  

Radar video using the ASTERIX network digital format is generated along with synthesised Automatic Identification System (AIS) reports which would normally be sent by a vessel's transponder. The emulated radar control interface allows the integrator to set radar mode and turning rate, define multiple blind sectors and mimic real radar alarm and fault conditions.

Cambridge Pixel's technology is used in naval, air traffic control, vessel traffic, commercial shipping, security, surveillance and airborne radar applications.

For more information about Cambridge Pixel's software or other products, please visit or call: +44 (0) 1763 852749 or email:

Cambridge Pixel will be demonstrating its radar display, tracking and simulation solutions on booth 35 at Maritime Security East (, Norfolk, Virginia, USA from 21-23 March 2016.

Media photo - showing OSI's integrated bridge system:

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OSI Maritime Systems has been providing advanced integrated navigation and tactical solutions to military customers for over 20 years. As a pioneer of Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (WECDIS), the company has grown to be a leading provider of integrated navigation and tactical solutions designed for naval and maritime security operations. The company develops and delivers integrated bridge systems for warships, integrated dived navigation systems for submarines, and C2 systems for small craft. OSI currently has 20 naval customers from around the world with over 500 warships and submarines operating with its world leading integrated navigation and tactical solutions.

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Founded in 2007, Cambridge Pixel is an award winning developer of sensor processing and display solutions including primary and secondary radar interfacing, processing and display components for military and commercial radar applications. It is a world-leading supplier of software-based radar tracking and scan conversion solutions through its modular SPx software, and HPx hardware product range. Based near Cambridge in the UK, the company operates worldwide through a network of agents and distributors. In 2015, Cambridge Pixel received a Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade for 'outstanding overseas sales growth over the last three years'.

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