Camera360 Hits 100 Million Users Worldwide

May 06, 2013, 09:30 ET from Chengdu Pinguo Technology Co., Ltd

CHENGDU, China, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Camera360, one of the world's most popular camera apps for smart phones, announced today that it has become the first mobile photography app to pass 100 million global users, with 40 percent of those users coming from overseas.

According to statistics released by the Tencent Mobile Internet Design Center at the end of 2012, Camera360 occupied the largest share of third party photography apps, despite the fierce competition in this app category.

After reaching this major milestone, Camera360 will now aim to turn itself from a pure tool app into a multi-service provider to meet growing consumer demands.

In late 2012, Camera360 launched the beta version of its Cloud service, and has already seen more than 240 million photos uploaded to the Cloud platform since launch. "The latest version of Camera360 Cloud is currently under development and we believe its release will see further rapid growth to Camera360's already huge user base," said Xu Hao, CEO of PinGuo Inc.

With Camera360's Cloud becoming established, Camera360 now provides a one-stop solution for mobile users' photo and imaging needs and, with its series of extension services, there are likely some very profitable benefits.

Camera360's Effects mode is seen as the app's greatest feature by its 100 million users. In order to share the best with others, Camera360 decided to open its Effects SDK to both indie developers and other companies at the end of 2012, completely free of charge. With the Camera360 Effects SDK in hand, vendors can now save on development costs and get closer to a final release of their products. Many domestic giants of social communication apps, such as Tencent, Weibo, Renren and Kaixin, have all used the Camera360 SDK. Camera360 is now even in talks with a number of smart phone manufacturers to integrate the Camera360 SDK into the stock camera, in order to make their handsets stand out from the crowd. With this open spirit of sharing, Camera360 is getting even more in return.

Such rapid growth always brings new challenges, such as how to optimize the user experience to increase user retention, how to maximize future earnings and how to market future products. Camera360 is ready to face all these challenges, and more. After two years of remarkable innovation, Camera360 is dedicated to continue pushing the boundaries, whether at its product level or for its business model.

About Camera360

Camera360 is a worldwide leader in photo applications on iPhone and Android devices. Based in Chengdu, China, and founded by a team with over twenty years experience in digital image processing and research, Camera360 has already achieved global recognition and won numerous awards, including at the 2011 PC World Global Tech Forum. Today, Camera360 boasts over 100 million global users, with nearly half of its user base coming from outside of China. The creators of Camera360 have also launched Movie360, an award-winning video recording application, and, a cloud-based service platform that allows users to easily upload, manage and share photos and other multimedia. Since its launch in September 2012, the cloud platform has already seen over 240 million photos uploaded from around the world and is quickly becoming a leader in multimedia cloud storage. 

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