Cameyo has Announced the Release of Cameyo 3, its Popular Application Virtualization Software

Nov 23, 2015, 10:31 ET from Cameyo

TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- What is Cameyo?

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Cameyo is an application virtualization solution for Windows. It allows packaging entire Windows applications into a single executable which can be used on any machine without installation (offline) or within the browser (online).

It is often used by IT and internal development departments for distributing internally-developed applications within an organization.

Cameyo is also used for Windows XP & 2003 migration and application remediation. Applications designed for these older platforms often do not function properly on recent Windows versions and their adaptation requires extensive development efforts and cost. Cameyo remediates Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server applications by wrapping them into a bubble that abstracts the OS layer.

What is new in Cameyo 3?

* Windows and Android players for streaming your virtual applications.

* Direct access to Dropbox & Google Drive files from online sessions: patent-pending technology for directly working on your cloud storage from HTML5 application sessions.

* Remote packaging: package apps directly from your browser. Upload your installer (EXE/MSI/ZIP or other) through the browser and package your software remotely.

* Host your own Cameyo Play server: host your own HTML5 / RDP server for executing software in the browser, at blazing speed.

* Upload your Cameyo packages online: whether you package your Cameyo packages online or offline, you can upload them to run from the browser as HTML5, or on Android or Windows through RDP protocol.

* Cameyo Play sessions: drag & drop, printing, clipboard.

* Online packages: share, update, deletion functions.

* Windows 10 support.

* Linux WINE support.

* New premium subscription plan.

Online storage

Cameyo applications running through HTML5 browser sessions are linked to Dropbox or Google Drive files. Users can hence work directly on their Dropbox files for read / write.


Cameyo 3 is available immediately and downloadable from

About Cameyo

Cameyo is a popular application virtualization tool for Windows. It allows running applications on any Windows machine, or any device: Mac, Android, iOS, Chromebook.

It provides simple, easy to grasp application virtualization with a short learning curve.

There are hundreds of thousands of Cameyo users worldwide. SMB and government are regular Cameyo users, as well as schools, students and faculty.

Contact information:

Martin Tokayer

+44 20 8144 1682