Cammeby's International's Five Residential Developments in the Boroughs of New York City Prove That Submetering Saves Energy

Case Studies Demonstrate That Submetering Electricity Results in Tremendous Energy Savings

Jun 23, 2010, 12:44 ET from Cammeby's International Group

NEW YORK, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Cammeby's International Group, a privately held real estate company with a portfolio of industrial, office and residential real estate assets, recently worked with energy consultant Herbert E. Hirschfeld, a professional engineer, to determine the impact of electrical submetering at five of Cammeby's residential developments.

The implementation of the submeters was a public-private partnership between Cammeby's and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), which partially funded the cost of the conversion with the goal of reducing overall electrical usage. The program resulted in a savings of more than eight million kwH per year of electricity -- or a 26 percent savings.

NYSERDA, which offers innovative programs, technical expertise and funding to help consumers increase energy efficiency, provided financial grants to install the submetering systems throughout five of Cammeby's developments, including:

  • The Queens Fresh Meadows complex in Queens, N.Y., which consists of two 13-story high-rise buildings, 67 two-story low-rise buildings and 70 three-story low-rise buildings
  • Greenpark Sussex in Flushing, N.Y., which consists of two mid-rise apartment buildings
  • Trump Village Apartments Sections One and Two in Brooklyn, N.Y., which consists of two high-rise buildings
  • Greenpark Essex in Flushing, N.Y., which consists of four mid-rise buildings

Each unit at the developments was equipped with its own electrical submeter, rather than the master meter that was previously used, and the study monitored the total usage.

"With submetering, the measurement and billing of electric use takes place in individual apartments rather than the entire development," stated Dennis Hasher, Counsel of Cammeby's International. "This allows electrical costs to be distributed among the residents more fairly, but, more importantly, it facilitates tremendous energy savings. In a world in which the dangers of greenhouse gases and global warming are growing more imminent by the day, it's important for us to do our part in cutting down on carbon emissions."

The energy savings was more than enough to power 1,100 residential apartments. Additionally, carbon emissions were reduced by more than seven million pounds.

Each submeter is also outfitted with an integrated temperature sensor, which monitors the temperature in every apartment. The sensor also optimizes the building complex's heating distribution system and boiler operations.

For more information on New York's submetering program, please call the agency at (518) 862-1090 or visit Herbert E. Hirschfeld's website at

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