Campaign Launched to Protect The Lorax

Rethinking the Automobile Calls on Mazda and Universal to Pull Offensive Ads

Feb 28, 2012, 15:02 ET from Rethinking the Automobile

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Rethinking the Automobile, a project of OpenPlans, announced a campaign today to protect the spirit and message of Dr. Seuss' acclaimed book "The Lorax" from crass commercialization.

Zozo, a Henson-created creature, dedicated to promoting smart transportation choices for a healthy world, was announced as the lead spokes-creature for the campaign.  Zozo called on Mazda and Universal to pull their offensive ads that imply that The Lorax endorses an SUV.

Since the launch of the commercials, Lorax fans worldwide have been posting their disapproval online. Their posts share a common theme -- using the Lorax to sell automobiles is misleading to children and against the spirit of the original book.

"This advertising campaign goes directly against the message and spirit of The Lorax," said Zozo. "The Lorax speaks for the trees, not the SUVees! I urge Universal, Mazda and their partners to immediately remove from circulation any and all advertising that uses Dr. Seuss' character The Lorax to promote and sell Mazda automobiles."

Zozo advocates for smart transportation solutions including walking, biking, and transit so that kids can grow up in a world with safe, healthy, livable, walkable communities. Zozo works with kids to fix the harm that automobile traffic does to our world. 

Zozo launched the campaign on behalf of millions of fans of the popular book, created a petition on and encourages people to sign that petition:

About Zozo: Zozo is a Henson-created creature that educates children and their families about our built environment and the way it affects us. Zozo stands for greener living by encouraging active transportation like walking and biking and also the importance of sharing our ride to reduce our carbon output. He also helps children understand how changes in the streets such as bike lanes, pedestrian areas, better parks and room for transit can make a better city – and create a sustainable future.

Rethinking the Automobile: "Rethinking the Automobile" is a project created by livable streets advocate Mark Gorton. Its goal is to raise awareness around the negative impact of the automobile on our world. Through public events and media campaigns, Rethinking the Automobile reveals how policies that prioritize the automobile destroy public space in our cities and towns and have created a dangerous and unsustainable world. 

About OpenPlans: OpenPlans is a 501(c)3 using technology to change the way that cities and citizens interact. We believe open source, open data, and sustainable mobility options can improve millions of lives. Visit us online at

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