CampaignGrid Partners with TidalTV to Create Exclusive Voter Targeted Video Network

- Political advertisers can now target registered voters on one of the largest in-stream video ad networks in U.S.

- Eliminates waste while using GRP metrics similar to traditional television

Sep 13, 2011, 12:11 ET from TidalTV

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TidalTV, an online video advertising network and solutions provider, today announced it has been named the in-stream video partner for CampaignGrid, the market leader in providing data-driven, hyper-local online voter targeting for candidates, causes and commercial clients.  By pairing CampaignGrid's National Online Voter File™ of over 187 million registered U.S. voters with TidalTV's in-stream advertising network, political advertisers can now target registered voters watching online video across thousands of brand-safe sites.

The partnership will now offer political advertisers the unprecedented ability to reach discrete voter segments based on party affiliation, voting history, congressional district, neighborhood and other demographic segmentation, through a highly-targeted and customizable online video network.

Political advertising in 2012 will continue its upward trajectory and will likely surpass the all time spending high of over $4.5 billion in 2010 (Source: PQ Media), of which more than half is untargeted broadcast television.  The extreme competitiveness fueled by such massive spending will make the efficient use of advertising dollars crucial to the success of political campaigns. Yet traditional broadcast television, which was cluttered with approximately 80% of all political dollars in 2010 (Source: Kantar Media), delivers mass reach against what is, in most instances, a narrow base of eligible voters, resulting in substantial levels of wasted media dollars.

"According to the Census Bureau, just 58% of adult Americans voted in 2008.  Those voters are then further segmented between three major political parties and multiple, local voting districts," said CampaignGrid CEO Jeff Dittus. "Obviously, traditional broadcast media, and even site-specific digital media, will deliver the majority of impressions to viewers who are either ineligible, or not politically-inclined to vote for a given candidate. Our data, paired with TidalTV's video network, allows political advertisers to eliminate this waste and reach those who will truly impact the outcome of a political race."

CampaignGrid data identifies consumers by political party, voting frequency or donor history in a non-personally identifiable manner. TidalTV then employs its extensive online video network and advanced ad decisioning technology to reach these consumers by demographic or geographic criteria, down to zip code level hyper-targeting, in accordance with campaign objectives.  By applying this level of voter targeting to online video, advertisers can match the precision once only possible with direct mail, with the dynamic sight, sound and motion of video.

"Political advertisers have long understood the emotional appeal and added dimension that TV advertising bring to a candidate's message," said TidalTV President Tom McMahon.  "Through our partnership with CampaignGrid, we're able to focus the delivery of sight, sound and motion advertising to the specific audience a candidate is trying reach.  The implications of this could dramatically change the way political advertisers think about video in the upcoming political year."

Currently, 84% of U.S. Internet users, or over 171 million consumers, watch online video (Source: comScore).  A recent IAB study projected digital video spending to increase 22% by 2012, yet only 2% of time spent viewing online video is currently spent viewing ads, compared to 25% on traditional television.  So not only does online video provide more precise targeting and incremental reach, it also offers a less cluttered environment—a key advantage for political advertisers during what promises to be a historic year for campaign spending.

About TidalTV

TidalTV is a video advertising network and solutions provider that flawlessly connects some of the world's most powerful brands with their targeted consumers. Working with over 1,000 premier content creators and publishing partners, TidalTV has access to an online addressable universe of over 80 million unique viewers per month.  The network is one of the largest aggregator of 1:1 addressable audience data from third-party providers, with the ability to target precise consumer segments by demographic, psychographic and behavioral metrics. TidalTV's industry-leading, mathematically-based consumer targeting technology guarantees Zero Waste—advertisers extract value from every media impression, and publishers monetize their audience across all demographics.  TidalTV leverages the power of consumer data and ad decisioning to increase accountability, optimize performance and maximize advertising ROI within video campaigns.

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About CampaignGrid 

CampaignGrid is the market leader and innovator in providing data-driven online targeting for candidates, causes and commercial clients.  Its best-in-class online advertising platform combines 187 million U.S. voter records with demographic, behavioral and lifestyle data to enable clients to custom design highly targeted campaigns to achieve their goals, bringing a new dimension to constituent outreach and political campaigns. CampaignGrid was founded in 2008 by industry veterans with decades of online experience and has headquarters near Philadelphia and an office in Washington, D.C.  Since inception, CampaignGrid delivered more than 2 billion advertising impressions on behalf of 250 campaigns, advocacy groups, nonprofits and commercial clients. For more information, visit