Campus Solutions Launches Campus Power Zones, Bringing Cell Phone And Tablet Charging Stations To Colleges Across The US

Sep 04, 2013, 08:57 ET from Campus Solutions

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Campus Solutions, one of the fastest growing collegiate marketing firms in the US, today announced it will install "Campus Power Zones" on more than 20 college campuses across the country. The program will feature cell phone and tablet charging stations placed strategically in the most heavily trafficked areas on campuses throughout the nation. With nearly 80 percent of college students using smart phones and tablets, the "Campus Power Zones" represent a unique tool for marketers eager to capture the attention of an elusive demographic. Each zone will feature stations where students can power their smart phones, tablets or laptops, and receive messaging from universities and sponsors.

"This is a creative way to capture the attention of college students across the country," said Bryan Carbone, President, Campus Solutions. "We have learned traditional media is not as effective in reaching this audience, but providing a valuable service to them enables us to better capture their attention. We're confident our 'Campus Power Zones' will be a popular addition to universities and a very unique way for marketers to capture the attention of users."

Each Power Zone will feature charging stations, as well as public messaging from universities that include public safety announcements. In addition, Campus Solutions is currently signing several high profile sponsors whose messages will also be incorporated into the Power Zones. Each kiosk will feature a 19 inch digital screen for sponsors, two standard poster displays, two tablet charging stations, and 10 cell phone chargers which will be able to power the most popular brand of smart phones.

The "Campus Power Zones" will also feature monitors and posters displaying images, videos and commercials, but designed in a way that is organic to each campus. Students will be allowed 15-20 minutes each to charge their devices.  Campus Solutions will test the Power Zones on 20 campuses this year, servicing 344,250 students and reaching more than 10 million by year's end.

College students are estimated to spend more than $21.5 billion on food and beverage this year alone, as well as $21 billion on electronics and cell phones; $10.5 billion on entertainment; $6.5 billion on footwear and apparel; and $6 billion on health and beauty. Additionally, 93 percent of this audience has credit cards, and 97 percent of them make their purchases off campus. Additionally, this year's student body is said to be the most wired ever, spending an average of 11 hours a day engaged with media, whether it be cell phones, laptops, BlackBerrys or iPods.

The college audience is one of the most lucrative, prized demographics, but also the hardest to reach. Studies have shown they ignore traditional marketing campaigns, which is why television, radio and outdoor advertising are not as effective with this audience. Campus Solutions, Inc. was created in 2005 to fill this vacuum, and provide marketers a window to this audience that is creative, organic and reaches them before their attitudes and buying patterns have been set. For seven years, representatives from Campus Solutions have brought products from the biggest names in business, from cell phones to razor blades and hygiene products, to hundreds of campuses nationwide, where they have engaged the student body to help promote those very products. Tapping into the nation's most exclusive Greek system, Campus Solutions has called upon campus "trend setters" to spread the word, and has sponsored contests, events and mixers surrounding the products they are promoting.

SOURCE Campus Solutions