Can Anthro 'Walk The Talk?': Employees Embark on a 30-Day Sit-Stand Challenge to Prove What the Company Really Stands For

Oct 26, 2010, 11:13 ET from Anthro Corporation

TUALATIN, Ore., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- For decades now Anthro Corporation, a maker of a wide variety of adjustable height desks, has been preaching that ergonomics can improve workplace productivity, absenteeism, and morale.  But when they were profiled in a New York Times article about the benefits of standing on the job, it inspired the Portland, Oregon-area firm to really put their principles – and products – through the paces.

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Co-founder Cathy Filgas, who drives most corporate culture initiatives, issued a company-wide 30-day Sit-Stand Challenge. "The typical employee spends eight hours a day chained to a chair, which isn't healthy for the mind or body -- or the sluggish American economy," she says. "We committed to get 30% of the company to stand during 30% of the workday, for 30 days," she says.

By encouraging employees to toggle between sitting and standing, rather than staying in one position, Anthro bet it could help employees be even more productive and creative. And after one month, and 2,250 hours logged standing, the firm's Wellness Committee says "the proof's in the pudding."

Results of Anthro's survey of employee participants echo the findings of many of other researchers, such as Microsoft:

-Nine out of ten linked the setup and design of their workstation to personal productivity.

-Two-thirds tied the fatigue they experience during the week to time working at a computer.

-Most reported performance increased up to 25% when using an ergonomic workstation.

-100% would repeat the 30-Challenge, and in fact, would like it expanded to include stretching, stationary biking, light weight lifting, etc.

Standing, shifting, and puttering eased muscle tension, aches and pains, as well as "brain strain" among folks in all departments. Then their bodies and brains returned the favor by doing better work, and much more quickly.

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