Can Pikazo™ App Democratize the Art World Without Ruining it?

Mar 16, 2016, 07:10 ET from Pikazo

ST. LOUIS, March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Software developer, Pikazo™ proudly announces the release of their revolutionary application for both iPhone and Android platforms.  While the iPhone version has been available since late November of 2015, the Android version hit the Google Play Store last week.  Sales have multiplied by 50X since the cross-platform solution was released and Pikazo™ is the number one paid app in multiple countries. After only four months of availability, Pikazo™ artists have processed over 1,000,000 images.

Says Noah Rosenberg, CEO, "What's been amazing to see is our Android artists also have been sharing completely new styles of images. It's inspiring for us to wake up every day and see what artists create!"

"With two simple taps, AI does the work, studying subject images for features, and style images for details. It then retells the story of the subject using the language of the style, processing back and forth over 300+ iterations.

"Our key differentiation from photo filters is we're not just adjusting source images, we're literally using a simulation of the human visual neural cortex to reimagine images in targeted styles.

"We're really focused on disrupting access to artistic creation, letting anyone get the 'home run' feeling around art that so many people have been too afraid or embarrassed to attempt," said Rosenberg.

CTO Karl Stiefvater created the Pikazo™ app. Previously he worked on the Myst games, visual effects for the Matrix films, 300, and Second Life.

CEO Noah Rosenberg was an ad agency creative director before starting his own "innovation for brands" firm, involved in several startups including Warby Parker, Tiggly, Photojojo, and Synek.

Pikazo™ is covering new ground when it comes to art. Now anyone can create a striking image that feels like art, and as the technology improves, new uses are emerging, like retouching images, fixing up drawings, and explorations of entirely new types of images.

Pikazo™ has raised $500K+ from strategic angel investors.

But at its heart, Pikazo™ doesn't remove the need for artists; in fact, it emphasizes it, because every Pikazo™ requires an artistic style for input. Our Pikazo™ artists are reporting a renewed interest in fine arts, and are seeing art in a new light with fresh eyes.

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