Can you learn Illinois Divorce Law in just 16 minutes?

Aug 31, 2015, 14:21 ET from NuVorce LLC

CHICAGO, Aug. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NuVorce has just released a free E-Book: "Divorce in Illinois: Top Questions Answered." This book was written by a law school Professor and will help you by breaking down, in only 8 pages, the fundamentals of Illinois divorce law. At 2 minutes per page, you could understand Illinois divorce law in only 16 minutes. Download the E-Book here:

Why publish this book?

The divorce process is broken. Ask any person who has gone through a divorce and they will tell you about sky high legal expenses and frustrating court appearances. Much of this stems from a lack of knowledge about the law, unmet expectations, and costs for lawyers that exceed the value clients receive. Most people say that this is just how the divorce system works. NuVorce says that's not good enough. We want to fix it.

NuVorce believes that the divorce process can be fixed in three steps: (Step 1) Education - clients need to be educated about the law as it applies to their lives, (Step 2) Goals/Strategy - clients need to help attorneys set goals in their case and build a strategy to accomplish those goals, and (Step 3) Control Costs - clients should set the cost of their own cases.

The release of this E-Book is our attempt to begin educating you about the process so that you can make better decisions about your own case. So what's in the book? Simple explanations of the steps involved in a divorce and the issues that need to be resolved to make your divorce final. In addition, the book answers basic questions about divorce law such as:

  • How does child custody work in Illinois?
  • What are Illinois' child visitation laws?
  • How much child support will an Illinois Judge award?
  • How will a Court decide the issue of alimony?
  • Will our property be divided equally?

NuVorce is in a unique position to provide this education as it was founded by a Professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Andrew G. Vaughn ("Drew Vaughn"). In addition to his law degree, Drew has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame that focused on Strategy. Drew has been named a Rising Star by SuperLawyers, an Emerging Leader by Leading Lawyers, and is the recipient of the Public Service Award from the Illinois State Bar Association. This unique background in education, strategy, and service led Drew to found NuVorce LLC with the goal of revolutionizing the divorce industry.

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