Canarsee Review: Cast Iron Radiators Dethroned?

The world no longer has to deal with the uncomfortable attributes of the cast iron radiator. In this day and age the invention of aluminum bi-metal radiators has introduced a new lightweight, more heat efficient replacement to the world. With their ergonomic design and great features it is no surprise they have thrived in Europe for the past 50 years, and continue to do so today.

Aug 25, 2015, 14:05 ET from Canarsee

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The term evolution is one the human people do not take lightly. Just as we have evolved from apes, many of the appliances that we once used have done the same. The past 100 years have showed the innovativeness of the world, and how things must constantly change for the better, to maintain proper balance. Today, the topic is the progress of central heating, and how the world has changed and adapted to its newest trend; aluminum radiators.

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For upwards of half a century, the central heating market has been mostly relied on cast iron radiators, due to their high heat output and extreme durability. Radiators fell out of fashion in the late 90's, making a commanding return in 21st century. Recently they have been brought back to life, replenished by the old-fashioned look, and most companies distributing radiators have even went with the more modern look. The main aspects to inspect when reviewing radiators would be heat efficiency, followed by looks, and then price. It is important to have an appliance that is both efficient at what it does, while also having that elegant homey appearance.

Due to the big up rise of cast iron radiators in the early 1970's, aluminum radiators never fully flourished. Instead they were overshadowed by their brotherly counter-part. Throughout 50 years of progression the aluminum bi-metal radiator has come back with an impressive resume, leaving cast iron as the sub-par choice between the two. Being used in multiple continents spreading across the eastern hemisphere of the world, this fine piece of intricate technology is now being introduced into American culture for the first time. The aluminum bi-metal radiators are well known for their success due to usages in majorities of Europe, making it no secret to the success they will continue to attain.

Integrating the components of a steel core with an aluminum body was an ingenious idea. This allows the radiator similar advantages of steel such as being extremely tough, durable, and anti-erosive, while maintaining the extreme lightweight of aluminum and ability to emit heat at a high level. The compound of an aluminum shell and a steel core has given the radiator the low thermal inertia needed to transfer heat efficiently, exceeding that of copper, bronze, and steel. Aluminum bi-metal has now become a commodity due to the resurgence of central heating through radiators. Their elegant design and masterful finish has claimed them their domain in the central heating industry. There is no question of the commanding advantages that the aluminum bi-metal radiators pose in this new world.

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