Cancer Survivor Turns Homemade Potion That Healed Her Chemo Damaged Skin Into A Business Geared To Help Others

Longeva's 'ancient oils' formulas deliver potent healing, beauty and age-defying benefits while its "Care Capitalism" business model funds "Project SurTHRIVE" mission.

Jul 14, 2015, 13:08 ET from Longeva Skincare

CAMPBELL, Calif., July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Longeva CEO, Tara Nader, the company has pioneered a formulation process that synergistically suspends a multitude of purified oils in a single, high-potency blend whose effectiveness exceeds other healing and beauty products on the market. For example, the company's flagship product, "Omni50 Beauty Serum™" features an impressive blend of 50 purified, 'ancient' oils in its 50ml bottle. In user group trials, Omni50 has demonstrated superior healing, age-defying and beauty benefits. While committed to developing market-leading performance, the company has an additional driving force.

Nader founded the company on a business model she calls 'Care Capitalism'. The company intends to use its bottom line as a resource to help post-cancer-treatment women transcend from 'survive to thrive' through its "Project SurTHRIVE" initiative. This mission is personal to Nader. On the day following her forty-eighth birthday, the Silicon Valley engineer tested positive for breast cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation left Nader's skin painfully blistered. Prescription, OTC and natural products failed to provide relief. It was then that Nader drew upon her Persian heritage to blend an array of botanical and essential healing oils, creating a potion that quickly healed her damaged skin and ignited the Longeva start-up.

More than 800,000 women will be diagnosed with cancer in 20151. Cancer treatments can leave skin severely damaged, inflamed and susceptible to infections2. "These women need to heal their skin naturally, not add more chemicals that cause even more pain," said Nader.  The company promises that through its sliding scale pricing no customer in need will be turned away.

Of the 800,000+ new cancer cases anticipated this year, 500,000+ women are projected to become 'cancer survivors'3. However, many will encounter an unanticipated survivor side effect. In a recently published study conducted by Dr. Reshma Jagsi, University of Michigan Department of Oncology, many of these women will encounter roadblocks in their attempt to re-enter the workforce4. Nader believes that Project SurTHRIVE will help cancer survivors realize their dreams, incubate new careers, fuel new passions, and create new meanings. "I was given a second chance, now 'give back' and 'pay it forward' are my life mantras," Nader added. 

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