Candidates Asked to Support Immigration Reform

Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group: An Open Letter to Candidates for President of the United States

Dec 04, 2015, 10:04 ET from Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group

MALIBU, Calif., Dec. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Presidents Reagan, G.H.W. Bush and Obama all tried to fix our broken immigration system and failed.  Many of our lawmakers have described the current debate as toxic with some advocating to enforce existing laws and deport undocumented immigrants and others supporting full citizenship to all.

Deporting 11 million immigrants is as unrealistic as mandating mass-citizenship. Our immigrant tax system is broken and rife with tax fraud, costing American taxpayers billions of dollars annually. Mass-citizenship would exacerbate the current underfunding of our entitlement programs.   

The Third Way Fiscal and Social Model for Immigration Reform allow our undocumented immigrants to assimilate more easily while relieving the ordinary taxpayer of financing their public services needs.  It generates enough funds over 10 years to provide $100 billion for health care, education and other areas affected by illegal immigration, $76 billion for infrastructure and creates 600,000 jobs. We can accomplish this by eliminating two dysfunctional taxes that encourage billions in tax fraud annually and replace them with a simple to pay, enforceable employer and immigrant tax of 5 percent each.

Under this program, the Department of Homeland Security issues a ten-year renewable work permit which is valid when the taxes are continually paid. The Internal Revenue Service collects and distributes the taxes to each state according to immigrant population and where the work was performed.  

This program provides respect and dignity for workers, legality for employers and fairness to U.S. Taxpayers.  We've worked to define common ground with this approach. It makes common sense to implement this program today—we all stand to benefit.

Please set partisanship aside—even in the middle of a Presidential campaign— and ask Speaker Paul Ryan and President Barack Obama to act on Immigration Reform.


Mark Jason, Director
Immigrant Tax Inquiry Group 
Inquiries: 310-456-2604 or Sean O'Neill: 301-869-3790

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