Can't Put a Price on Timeless Ring Designs, Says King of Jewelry

Everyone wants their marriage to go the distance, why not their rings too? King of Jewelry will help you find your perfect ring design today!

Aug 21, 2013, 17:32 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With the advent of the Internet and the emergence of social media in popular culture, it isn't uncommon to see people and products become viral sensations overnight, only for them to fade into obscurity in their sixteenth minute. As a constant barrage of latest styles and trends are projected on Americans at a seemingly breakneck pace, prominent LA diamond retailer King of Jewelry is reminding their friends in the Southland and across the country this summer that their stunning collection of diamond engagement rings — including emerald, pear, and princess cut diamond rings — remains a wonderful expression of classic timeless beauty. Buyers on the hunt for loose diamonds are certain to be thrilled with the range of enduring cuts and styles available to them in-store. King of Jewelry has attracted the attention of customers in the market for complete wedding and engagement ring sets with their impressive assortment of round cut diamond rings. By currently offering free insured shipping on all items, King of Jewelry makes now the best time to display true love and commitment through the purchase of a perfect diamond ring.

The timelessness of an engagement ring is not determined by design alone; color and clarity are also important factors to consider when selecting a high-quality diamond and setting. The absence of inclusions in a diamond often results in exorbitantly inflated prices that force many shoppers out of the running for superior products. King of Jewelry takes pride in their ability to showcase beautiful diamond rings that meet the highest standards of quality and detail, while at the same time offering wholesale prices and options that open the door to a greater number of customers.

The aesthetics of fine jewelry comprise only part of the package for the modern-day consumer. While canary yellow diamonds have recently come into favor amongst many contemporary shoppers, King of Jewelry is 100% committed to fighting against the spread of diamonds of another color. "Blood diamonds", or conflict diamonds unearthed in war zones, are too often exploited by diamond retailers looking to make a quick dollar by forfeiting fair and honest trade practices. King of Jewelry stands behind their catalog of standard and customized design jewelry, and understand customers will be happy to purchase diamonds that are peacefully excavated.   

When searching for the perfect diamond or engagement and wedding ring set, the relationship you establish with the company that earns your business is of utmost importance. Located in the heart of Los Angeles' jewelry mart, King of Jewelry sits right at the intersection of excellence and value. Patrons from around the United States have lauded King of Jewelry for their nearly two decades of dedication to outstanding customer service. Pay them a visit and you'll see why. Call (888) 349-8299 or contact King of Jewelry at today.

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