Capital & Labor International Coalition Calls for Hummer Motors Summit

Hummer Stakeholders Worldwide will meet in Chicago April 11th

Apr 01, 2010, 13:43 ET from Capital & Labor International Coalition

CHICAGO, April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Thane Ritchie, founder of Ritchie Capital Management, announced today that his recently formed fund management firm, the Capital & Labor Int'l Coalition (CLIC), has called for a "Save Hummer Motors in America Summit" here in Chicago.

"We have researched the GM/Hummer situation for the past month," noted Ritchie, who is Chairman of CLIC, "and we believe that Hummer can be saved and continue to offer great jobs and products to America and globally."

Steve Denari, CEO of CLIC added, "We are assembling all of the Hummer stakeholders together in one place to work out a 'coalition' solution. Our discussions thus far with the United Auto Workers (UAW) executives at the Hummer plant all the way through to the Hummer owners' group leaders have been hugely positive."

Already confirming to attend the summit are Doug Ebey and Glenn Geiman, the President and CFO of the UAW Local 2166 respectively.  All Hummer state owners' group heads, worldwide dealers, AM General-Humvee executives and GM's CEO for Hummer Motors are being invited.

Denari also stated that CLIC senior management has met with US Senator Roland Burris and asked his office to act as liaison to any aid that can be afforded by the US government in this rescue Hummer endeavor.  

Senator Burris' office has confirmed the talks and his desire to see what ideas come out of the Hummer Motors Summit, so that he can see what assistance can be offered by the government to help to save Hummer.

The Summit will commence at noon in the Hall of Fame Room at Coach Mike Ditka's Restaurant in Chicago, to be followed by a press conference at 4:30pm at the same location.

Ritchie's final remark on the matter was quoted as, "Although it is April 1st, our vision for a resurrected Hummer line is for it to produce, pound for pound, the GREENEST vehicles made in America, and that is no April Fool's joke."

For more information:

Justin Meise

River Communications, for Thane Ritchie


For Hummer Dealers and Leaders of Hummer Owner Groups to attend the Summit contact:

Ms. Christine Burke

Assistant to Stephen J. Denari


SOURCE Capital & Labor International Coalition