Capsule and Amara Health Analytics Ink Exclusive Reseller Agreement to Market Sepsis Decision Support Software

Capsule to Provide Amara's Clinical Vigilance™ for Sepsis Software as Part of its SmartLinx™ Medical Device Information System

Apr 15, 2014, 10:32 ET from Capsule Tech, Inc.

ANDOVER, Mass., April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Capsule Tech, Inc., the leading global provider of medical device integration solutions, announced it will exclusively resell in North America Clinical Vigilance™ for Sepsis software from Amara Health Analytics, Inc. Clinical Vigilance™ for Sepsis is a clinical decision support system based on predictive analytics, designed to continuously monitor all available patient data and issue alerts to clinicians to call immediate attention to patients at risk of sepsis.  It assists clinicians in the earliest identification of adult patients at risk for sepsis, supporting initiatives to reduce sepsis-related LOS, care costs and mortality.  The Amara agreement comes on the heels of Capsule's recent introduction of its SmartLinx™ Medical Device Information System (MDIS), the industry's first MDIS.

"Sepsis is a life-threatening, whole-body toxic response to an infection that is both difficult to detect and treat," said Susan Niemeier, RN, chief nursing officer at Capsule. "Integrating Clinical Vigilance for Sepsis with Capsule's SmartLinx MDIS will allow clinicians to identify sepsis earlier, which will result in improved patient outcomes, reduced lengths-of-stay and saved lives."

Every year, severe sepsis strikes about 800,000 Americans and claims far more deaths in the U.S. than prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined.  Early detection is critical to delivering timely treatment to stop the progression of the disease. The Amara software automatically monitors patients, and when integrated with the Capsule MDIS will issue alerts that call immediate attention to at-risk patients.

"The Amara application will provide real-time notification to the care team at the earliest possible moment. Capsule's SmartLinx MDIS will intelligently deliver accurate and timely data to Amara," adds Niemeier.  "No longer will there be omissions and delays. Using real time physiological signal processing, Amara will analyze the raw data, filtering it for usable information."

With Capsule's introduction of the industry's first MDIS, combined with Amara's industry leading solution to provide clinical analytics software with very high predictive accuracy, healthcare facilities will have access to a powerful clinical tool for sepsis.   

"The depth and breadth of data, and the speed with which it is delivered by Capsule's SmartLinx system will drive our unique combination of patient data elements to derive new information that is highly relevant to current and potential future conditions," said Steve Nathan, Amara's chief executive officer.

"Our false positive alerts are very low, with specificity greater than 99%, resulting in only 1 to 3 alerts per shift in a 500-bed hospital," added Dr. Christopher Rosin, Amara's chief scientist. "Standard sepsis care guidelines include 5 to 25 clinical variables as part of identifying the disease. In contrast, the predictive model in Clinical Vigilance™ for Sepsis uses over 125 variables that it extracts from common clinical data sources."  

Just as important, Clinical Vigilance for Sepsis will not require any significant clinical workflow changes, and will depend only on clinical data already being collected as part of the current standard of care.  "Our objective in introducing SmartLinx was to integrate medical devices into a system that does more than provide connectivity with electronic medical records (EMRs) and other information systems, but also delivers active monitoring and data and system management in parallel with analysis of real-time patient data," said Stuart Long, Capsule chief sales and marketing officer.  "Amara's Clinical Vigilance for Sepsis is just the kind of clinical decision support tool we had in mind to take advantage of the exponential growth of information in ways that will allow caregivers to consume, organize and act on that data more effectively and efficiently at the point of care."

"Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Sepsis Outcomes" will be discussed at the New York HIMSS (Health Information and Management Systems Society) Chapter conference on April 23 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Dr. Ryan Arnold of Christiana Care Health System, a practicing physician specializing in Emergency Medicine and a clinical investigator, will focus on the use of predictive analytics to help identify sepsis and improve patient outcomes. Opening remarks will be made by Capsule's chief nursing officer, Susan Niemeier.

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