Capture Prince Charming's Attention with a Milanoo Evening Dress

Apr 22, 2013, 09:09 ET from

CHENGDU, China, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the latest research, over 38% of individuals confessed that their personal wardrobes are built for all kinds of nightly events, and nearly 20% individuals said that they met their Mr. or Ms. Right at a social event, online fashion retailer reports. These days, events play an increasingly important role in individual's lifestyles, and have become an essential way of interacting and making new friends.

Moreover, over 67% of men confessed that they are more likely to be drawn in by a woman wearing fantastic evening wear and regard them as more elegant and mysterious, therefore an awesome pick from Milanoo's evening dress 2013 line can help draw attention towards the wearer.

According to the study of men, there are aspects of women that trigger male hormones, such as fragrance, pretty outfits and silky hair. Perhaps awesome outfits are more likely to improve that attraction. So why not give it a go by preparing for the next big event by procuring an awesome night outfit?

This is a total generalization; fascination is such a complicated procedure, but men are visual animals and are more likely to be fascinated by woman's stunning and sensitive outfits. On some level, men may change their behavior based on what they see. Therefore, a dress for the night should be eye-catching and distinctive.

A backless floor-length outfit not only emphasizes curves but reveals beautiful skin and an elegant back. One thing to keep in mind to bring this style to its fullest potential is to wear hair in an updo to better show off one's back. Alternately, try a fishtail evening gown, which makes the wearer look like an elegant mermaid.

Maximize the Effect with Accessories

Apart from choosing a pretty style of dress, small, stunning decorations are essential. For example, jewelry pendants, beaded bracelets and awesome purses definitely enhance evening wear. In the event you wear an outfit with a feminine neckline, a stunning pendant can help to break up the boredom. Sleeveless dresses often look lovely with beaded bracelets, which also make hands look slimmer. As for purses, in most cases, a gold purse goes well with every dress. Needing to get the opposite sex's attention? Looking for your Prince Charming? Choose an awesome night outfit and prepare to impress in the spotlight.