Car Lister Launches Online Platform to Facilitate Consumer-to-Dealer and Dealer-to-Dealer Wholesale Transactions

Integrated social network allows dealers e-commerce platform to connect, buy, sell, trade and ship used-car inventory with dealers across the country

Feb 01, 2016, 09:00 ET from DreamWare

NAPLES, Fla., Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Car Lister, the web application that lets sellers list and buyers shop for new and pre-owned cars from any smartphone, tablet or desktop, today announced the launch of a fully transactional e-commerce platform for car dealers to buy, sell, trade and ship inventory to each other without the traditional wholesale middleman. After winning the award for Most Innovative Product at Digital Dealer 20 Tech Tank, the Dealer Wholesale (DDW) platform is now available for dealers to use to create national wholesale groups and connect with one another to quickly and securely move inventory and get the vehicles they need.

Car Lister's platform lets dealers pre-select their desired buying triggers to automatically search Car Lister's inventory for dealer wholesale needs, enabling dealers to source private consumer's vehicles, dealer's wholesale inventory, as well as other industry related inventory. DDW allows dealers to keep sell and buy fees in-house, as well as place an electronic deposit, confirm title, schedule an MPI inspection to determine vehicle health, arrange national shipping and finalize transactions with ACH fund transfer.

"Dealers spend tens of thousands to millions annually in sell and buy fees, with the average U.S. car dealer losing or breaking even wholesaling cars. Car Lister understands the virtual dealership model and that a dealership's primary goal is to sell cars to the public, not other dealerships," said Bryan Harmon, Founder and CEO, Dreamware, Inc., the parent company and developer of Car Lister. "There is a wholesale process that was built 60 years ago and is still running the industry. This archaic model that has dominated the car industry will no longer be needed, other than to dispose of undesirable inventory. Now, dealers will have full control over how and when they bring new inventory onto their lots by fully harnessing the power of technology and the Internet. Our vision for wholesale is to be proactive, not reactive. That's why we validate the title and inspection reports before a vehicle is shipped, thus eliminating any problems before they occur."

To participate in wholesale transactions, dealerships simply opt-in from their Car Lister profile settings. They can then connect with as many or as few dealership partners as they wish to start building their custom wholesale networks. Once connected, dealers are able to make offers on their partners' inventory. Car Lister facilitates the entire process, from deposits to shipping, with real-time notifications and updates to both parties. Car Lister has built the first national real-time wholesale trading platform that allows dealerships to connect and build their own trusted dealer-to-dealer community, with just the click of a button.

Dealers determine every aspect of their network size, including the dealers that have access to their inventory and how many are within their network. That means only select, trusted dealers, all handpicked by the individual dealer. Dealers can also rate each other via a built-in rating system to keep dealers informed as to the quality of wholesale units. Dealers that have low ratings and/or sell inferior vehicles will be suspended from the platform.

The launch coincides with dealerships across the US facing an inventory shortage. According to TIME, dealers have only 48 days worth of cars to sell, roughly 52,596, which is 20 days fewer than their inventory in November 2014.

"Why wholesale a vehicle in one state when the value of that vehicle in another state is worth $3,000 more? The Internet, combined with Car Lister's technology, makes every dealer a national wholesaler to derive a far greater profit, which is why we're launching the most powerful dealership platform ever introduced online," Harmon said. "The Dealer Wholesale Platform is identical to the stock market in that dealers can buy, sell, trade and track inventory. In addition, dealerships can view inspection reports and ship. Understanding that having the right inventory, at the right time, in the right location, is the key to a dealership's success."

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About Car Lister
Car Lister is the all in one dealership software solution, soon to be an all in one consumer car buying solution. Utilizing technology, Car Lister facilitates the transaction of a vehicle between two parties in the online world in a way that's never been done before. Car Lister has solved the problem of selling a car online, with a fully integrated, automated process that incorporates real time notifications and full validation throughout the entire process. The application allows for a seamless integration with auto dealers' existing systems, allows private sellers to upload and list vehicles for sale, and allows buyers to shop for new and pre-owned cars from any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Car Lister also generates the listing title and vehicle description, allows for the upload of images and video, and includes a full vehicle history report at no cost. Car Lister also pre-qualifies buyers through eLEND Solutions CreditPlus, which instantly pre-qualifies customers based on dealer-defined credit criteria, giving car buyers direct, upfront access to dealership financing sources, enabling them to seamlessly transition from online shopping to in-store buying. Car Lister has been officially available to users and dealers since January 2015.

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Headquartered in Naples, Florida, DreamWare, Inc. delivers unique web applications and services to improve mobile e-commerce across verticals. In October 2014, the company launched Car Lister to facilitate users listing their cars in minutes from any device with an unparalleled degree of accuracy without typing one word.  Buyers can browse detailed listing pages for new and pre-owned cars, including videos and large images, create car comparisons, review full car reports, and share car listings and other automotive expertise through Car Lister's automobile-industry specific social media platform. For more information, visit, or

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