carbon connect AG, a Sustainability Company That Offers Carbon Offset Solutions, Launches in the UK

Nov 12, 2015, 11:49 ET from Carbon-connect AG

LONDON, November 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

carbon connect AG, the Swiss based carbon offset company is expanding and is able to help now UK, and international companies, authorities and individuals become greener.

Carbon-connect AG is a Swiss based company that has been making valuable work in 'saving the planet' as it provides firms with ways to cut their carbon emissions wherever possible. In addition, carbon-connect AG advises their clients on ways to implement various strategies that compensate a carbon footprint.

One of carbon connect AG's attractions is its ability to provide specific carbon offset solutions to targeted sectors. For example, Fleet Cars who are interested in promoting their green credentials could apply for the car off-setting certification. Local Authorities would also enhance their environmental credentials by introducing a carbon neutral vehicle policy. Importantly, successful applicants once certified can display the fact that they are carbon neutral using a climate friendly label.  

Clients are charged a simple unit price based on an average calculation for a country which covers up to 2 and a half tonnes.  Additional quantities can easily be met by buying multiple units.  

The United Nations has warned that National pledges must go further to prevent dangerous warming of over 2ᵒ.  In order to reach UN targets, many more companies need to be involved; and awareness has to be raised amongst corporations and individuals both.

Increasingly, proving one's Corporate Social Responsibility provides a competitive edge for organisations and affordable carbon offsetting is a simple way to improve one's CSR. Corporate packages covering several specific environmental areas are available which can be purchased as stand-alone labels or as a group.  Typically, these would cover cars, travel, websites and the office environment.

It is predicted that in order to win government contracts and bids it will soon be mandatory for companies to demonstrate that they are carbon neutral compliant.

In a recent interview for Intelligenthq - the business intelligence social enterprise platform Pascal Freudenreich of carbon connect AG said: "our mission is to demonstrate to environmentally and socially responsible entrepreneurs the most efficient way to make their processes or an entire company carbon- neutral. Through targeted support of high-quality climate protection projects our customers achieve an image improvement and take a pioneering role in the preservation of the environment.  We create a WIN-WIN situation: win for our customers and a win for the environment and society."

There are currently four display labels available.


For an environmental assessment / business relations contact: Pascal Freudenreich, e;

carbon-connect AG was founded by Pascal Freudenreich and Walter Wirth in 2013, with the clear goal of providing individuals and companies with simple solutions that contribute to climate protection. The company's vision is to support high quality climate protection projects that will make our future and the future of our children more liveable. carbon connect AG thus aims to contribute to an ideal shift in society towards a knowledge-based, low carbon economy, by becoming a world leader in carbon offsetting & carbon management services.

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