Carbon Sciences Announces University of California at Santa Barbara Again Ranked Among the World's Top 10 Universities for Research Impact

University conducting research for the Company is ranked No. 1 among public institutions in the U.S. in terms of scientific research impact

Jun 21, 2016, 09:15 ET from Carbon Sciences Inc.

SANTA BARBARA, California, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Carbon Sciences Inc. (OTC: CABN), developer of breakthrough technologies based on graphene, the new miracle material, today announced that the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), which is conducting the research on the graphene-based optical modulator, remains among the top 10 universities worldwide for research impact, as listed by the 2016 Leiden Rankings. UCSB is ranked No. 1 among public institutions in the U.S. in terms of scientific research impact.

"To have the University directing our research so highly ranked by such a distinguished source, really strengthens confidence in our endeavors," stated Bill Beifuss, President of Carbon Sciences. "We believe that in selecting UCSB, we have mobilized the most talented and capable engineering team for the development of our graphene-based optical modulator."

The Company recently announced that the UCSB research team has developed a novel modeling technique that allowed for the precise calculation of optical waveguide properties containing graphene. This technique should theoretically enable more precise design and simulation of graphene optical devices, such as a modulator. The modeling technique and findings have been accepted for publication and presentation in the Advanced Photonics 2016 Congress, sponsored by The Optical Society.

UCSB's scientific publications - which include papers in the areas of life, biomedical, mathematics, engineering, computer, natural and social sciences and humanities - are cited an average of 11.72 times. For 2016, 20.5 percent of its scientific publications belong in the top 10 percent of most frequently cited publications, putting UCSB at No. 8 worldwide for that indicator.

In consideration of the proportion of the university's scientific publications in the top 1 percent most frequently cited Web of Science core publications, UCSB ranks 7th worldwide. This ranking also places UCSB No. 6 among U.S. universities and No. 1 among public institutions in the country in terms of scientific research impact, with specific strengths in the fields of physical sciences and engineering, as well as in the life and earth sciences.

Prominent for ranking the World's most influential research contributors, Leiden University derives its 2016 findings based on compiled data from the Web of Science bibliographic database, taking into account the Web of Science core publications from 2011 to 2014. Impact is determined by several indicators, including the average number of citations from all university publications.

Carbon Sciences and UCSB have recently extended their sponsored research program research on the design of a state-of-the-art optical modulator, a critical fiber optic component for the encoding and transmission of digital data. The goal is to create a design that is ultrafast, low cost, and low power. During the process, the team developed a novel modeling technique that facilitates the precise calculation of optical waveguide properties containing graphene. The team reported that they would be able to fabricate a complete modulator device by the end of September 2016.

Fiber optic technology, being the backbone of the Internet, has encountered explosive growth in Internet data, in large part as a result of an ever-growing number of Cloud-based services such as Netflix, Facebook, and Google. Consequently, the fundamental speed limits of current state-of-the-art fiber optic materials are being substantially challenged. In consideration, Management believes that new materials, such as graphene, must be explored and used to significantly increase the speed of data movement in the Cloud. The Company believes that graphene technology has the potential to revolutionize ultrafast data communication. Thereby unleashing a global era of high-resolution video on demand, high fidelity music streaming, high volume e-commerce and many more Cloud-based services.

About Carbon Sciences, Inc.: Carbon Sciences is developing breakthrough technologies based on graphene, the new miracle material. Graphene, a sheet of pure carbon that is only one atom thick, is flexible, transparent, impermeable to moisture, stronger than diamonds and more conductive than gold. After successfully exploring methods to produce low cost graphene, Carbon Sciences is now developing a new graphene-based optical modulator, a critical fiber optics component needed to help unclog the existing bottlenecks and enable ultrafast communication in data centers for Cloud computing. The Company is also undertaking a growth-by-acquisition strategy to extend its presence in the $3.8 trillion worldwide information technology (IT) market with a particular focus on profitable IT services providers. To learn more about Carbon Sciences, please visit

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