CareerCast Rates the Most Underrated and Overrated Jobs

Computer Systems Analyst, Veterinarian and Biologist Are Most Underrated: Ad Exec, Surgeon and Stockbroker Are Most Overrated

Sep 17, 2013, 06:00 ET from CareerCast

CARLSBAD, Calif., Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- While computer systems analyst, veterinarian and biologist may not be the most glamorous jobs, they are rewarding, offer a positive hiring outlook and competitive pay, putting them at the top of's list of the most underrated jobs of 2013. ( Other jobs that made's most underrated jobs list -- including electrician, plumber, accountant and librarian -- are professions that tend to be ignored but offer high growth, low stress and enriching work.

Most of these underrated jobs focus on working directly with others, but for those with technical expertise, the computer systems analyst position rises to the top of the list as the single most underrated job of 2013. Job seekers can also consider these other underrated jobs: veterinarian, market research analyst, emergency medical technician, legal assistant, civil engineer and school principal.  

"Our report uncovered a wide range of undervalued jobs that job seekers and career changers should consider," says Tony Lee, publisher, "These rewarding professions offer stability and solid career opportunities for job seekers."

Topping's list of most overrated jobs are advertising account executive, surgeon, stockbroker and public relations manager, professions which all face high stress and long hours.

While the perception that working at an advertising or public relations agency handling glamorous accounts and working with celebrities is fun and exciting, the truth often is different. People employed in these highly competitive industries are often overworked and underpaid, and are likely to lose their jobs if a large account moves to another agency. Surgeon, stockbroker and senior corporate executive are also considered overrated.'s most underrated jobs:

  1. Computer Systems Analyst
  2. Veterinarian                                      
  3. Biologist                                            
  4. Market Research Analyst                
  5. Accountant                                        
  6. Emergency Medical Technician     
  7. Legal Assistant                                
  8. Civil Engineer                                   
  9. School Principal                               
  10. Plumber                                             
  11. Electrician                                         
  12. Librarian                                    's most overrated jobs:

  1. Advertising Account Exec               
  2. Surgeon                                            
  3. Stockbroker                                      
  4. Public Relations Manager               
  5. Senior Corporate Executive           
  6. Event Coordinator                   
  7. Architect                                   
  8. Commercial Airline Pilot          
  9. Attorney                                 
  10. Computer Programmer                  
  11. Economist                                     
  12. Psychologist                                     

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