Rates the Most Overrated and Underrated Jobs

Ad Agency Exec is Most Overrated; Computer Systems Analyst is Most Underrated

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CARLSBAD, Calif., Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Some of the most appealing jobs in today's workplace are underrated, while alluring jobs like advertising agency executive, photojournalist and public relations executive may hold cachet – but they also have a downside, landing them on the list of most overrated jobs of 2012. Also placing on the most overrated jobs list were senior corporate executive, commercial airline pilot, stockbroker, surgeon and attorney.

"Poor outlook for future growth, long hours, stress and a multitude of new candidates entering the industry make it especially challenging to break into many of our overrated careers," says Tony Lee, publisher, "Overrated jobs seem attractive from the outside, but often sound better than they really are."'s Overrated Jobs list pinpoints careers that the rest of the world perceives as great, but the truth is somewhat different. The glamorous, Scotch-drinking ad agency executives portrayed on television's popular "Mad Men" are unlike the ad agency executives on Madison Avenue today, who see job turnover resulting from the pressure of high expectations and the stress of competition for accounts with lower budgets.

Those looking for a rewarding career that has great advantages, including high growth, low stress and rewarding work, should consider the professions computer systems analyst, civil engineer, veterinarian, biologist and market research analyst, which all rank among's most underrated jobs.  

"The most underrated jobs offer increasing opportunities and rewarding potential for job seekers new to the labor force, or those who need a change," says Lee. "Some positions, such as veterinarian and school principal, require specialized advanced degrees, but you can become a plumber, electrician or automobile mechanic with additional training after high school."'s most overrated jobs

Median Salary

Advertising Agency Executive


Senior Corporate Executive


Commercial Airline Pilot








Public Relations Manager


Flight Attendant






Event Coordinator



$67,179's most underrated jobs

Median Salary

Computer Systems Analyst


Civil Engineer






Market Research Analyst




Legal Assistant




School Principal






Automobile Mechanic


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