Reports on Job Search Red Flags

Aug 17, 2011, 10:00 ET from

CARLSBAD, Calif. and AMSTERDAM, Aug. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In this economy, employers typically are flooded with hundreds of applications for a single opening. A new report helps job seekers create a resume that will rise to the top of the pile during the screening process.

One of the biggest mistakes a job seeker can make is not paying attention to details. "Always proofread everything that a recruiter might see, including the obvious – your resume, cover letter and emails, as well your social media profiles," says Tony Lee, publisher, "Sloppy grammar or bad English can immediately dismiss you from consideration."

Discrepancies can be another red flag for recruiters. If a hiring manager sees a difference between your resume, application and/or LinkedIn profile, they will wonder if you are lying or just sloppy.  

"It's best to create a centralized spreadsheet of all of your past jobs, degrees and awards and refer to it when you are filling out applications," explains Mr. Lee. "This way you have your complete working history in one document."  

Many job seekers are so anxious for a job that they'll look below their skill level.  However, hiring managers are concerned about how long the overqualified applicant will stay in the position. If you are applying for a position for which you are overqualified but are really interested in, make sure you communicate to the hiring manager how the position fits your career goals. offers these job-hunting tips to help you avoid recruiters' red flags:

  • If you are unemployed, volunteer for a worthy cause, take a class or seek freelance work to show employers that you are still engaged in the workforce.
  • Avoid a cutesy email handle – sign up for a professional email address.
  • If you have lengthy gaps between jobs, briefly explain them in your cover letter.
  • In each correspondence with hiring managers, keep a formal and professional tone.
  • Use your social media pages to market and brand yourself and remember that there is no privacy on the Internet.
  • Customize your resume and cover letter to match the job description or you may not get past the Applicant Tracking System, which screens out candidates who do not match keywords in the job listing.

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