Caretta Workspace Launches New Office Furniture Line for Architects and Designers That Hide Ugly Wires

Jun 03, 2010, 10:20 ET from Caretta Workspace

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Nothing ruins a designer's beautiful interior space faster than an unsightly tangle of computer wires and cables snaking around a desk.  Caretta Workspace, a new furniture manufacturer based in Columbus, Ohio, has announced a line of office furnishings with the interior designer and architect in mind to preserve the beautiful living and office spaces they create with still creating a functional office environment.

The new office furniture line from Caretta Workspace uses an innovative design to create professional environments while hiding unsightly cables and connectors. Caretta provides an office solution that is composed of high quality, solid hardwood furniture, not laminate, slat wall, glass and tubing desks, yet it elegantly tames the cable problem. All at a price that is a bargain compared to other contemporary solid hardwood furniture.

Caretta works directly with architects and designers to help them create custom office environments that are both attractive and functional in today's activity-based workplace, where nearly every worker has a computer and the wire tangles that go with it. In the past, designers have struggled with a way to keep offices beautiful while keeping wires under control and out of sight. Caretta's line of hardwood technology furniture solves the problem by hiding wires and connectors within the furniture itself, without the unsightly plastic and metal channels used by other manufacturers.  The Caretta line of desks can also accommodate multiple monitors and rack mounted computer hardware.  

And if one of Caretta's standard offerings doesn't meet your vision, they'll custom-create one that does, including materials and finishes that enhance the space you so carefully created. With trends such as "hoteling", Caretta provides a way to secure laptops and other valuables in the desktop, where it's ready for the next day's work.

Caretta furniture uses beautiful hand-crafted hardwoods and is produced according to strict eco-friendly guidelines with LEED Green initiatives. By making the array of computer wires and cables disappear, Caretta Workspace contemporary desks, tables and accessories transform the elegance of solid hardwood furnishings into an uncluttered productivity tool tailored to offices where "clutter control" is especially critical to maintaining a professional environment."

"The Caretta Workplace line of office furniture is able to hide cables in a unique manner," explained Larry Tracewell, CEO of the new company. Caretta Workspace blends design and technology to create a work environment that's personal, beautiful and unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. Caretta Workplace uses premium select hardwoods with matching grain patterns, precision fit joints, sturdy construction and soft, smooth hand-sanded finishes The Caretta desk includes the ability to securely lock your laptop computer connected to its docking station in a temperature controlled compartment.

Several different standard configurations are available and components can be customized to fit any need including desk size, outlets for power and networking and various colors. Caretta Workspace will match its components to the customer's existing furnishings.

Tracewell said he founded Caretta Workspace to create office furniture for a customer who wanted a beautiful work environment, "but was simply unable to integrate a computer and associated equipment into his office furniture without creating an unsightly mess," he added.  Eco-friendliness was also a high priority in selecting suppliers, materials and manufacturing techniques.

Caretta embraces environmental sustainability from production to installation, with strict manufacturing processes that minimize scrap material. All wood is sourced from a supplier that uses Best Management Practices for sustainable forestry. Caretta uses eco-friendly materials such as low VOC formaldehyde-free finishes, powder-coated metal, RoHS compliant lead-free solder, and high efficiency LED lighting. Additionally, with every desk sold, Caretta Workspace makes a donation to the "Save the Sea Turtle Fund" at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The Caretta website allows a customer or interior designer to configure the furniture for his or her individual workspace:

  • Choice of a wide variety of wood desks, conference tables, filing, shelving and functional accessories such as a 19" rack mount system and a sloped console
  • Choice of solid cherry with a natural, or dark finish, or custom finished wood
  • Options such as left or right returns, multiple drawer configurations, and LED task lighting

The site allows the customer to order his or her own furniture with a simple six-step configurator.  Orders are fulfilled in a few days and shipped directly to the customer.  Caretta products were engineered for ease of assembly and setup with two sizes of standard fasteners.  

To learn more about how Caretta Workspace hides wires and cables, visit

About Caretta

Caretta Workspace transforms your personal workplace into an uncluttered, attractive workspace.  By finally making the tangled array of wires and cables disappear, our contemporary desks, tables and accessories transform the elegance of wood furnishings into an uncluttered productivity space customized for YOUR work habits and computer hardware. The Caretta turtle is the inspiration behind the company's design. Just as it has the ability to lock itself securely in its shell and regulate its body temperature, Caretta desks do the same for your laptop and computer hardware.  Every time a desk is sold, Caretta Workspace makes a donation to the Save the Sea Turtle Fund through the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio. For more information on the Caretta story or to learn about its products, visit or call 877-422-1088.

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