Carney Afraid to Debate Urquhart

Oct 26, 2010, 12:14 ET from Glen Urquhart for Congress

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del., Oct 26 /PRNewswire/ -- ( -- Yesterday Liberal Democrat John Carney declined an invitation from radio station WILM stating that he was not interested in debating Glen Urquhart any more. Both are seeking to succeed Republican Mike Castle as Delaware's At-Large Representative to the United States House of Representatives.

"This just proves what some of us have known for quite some time, that Carney lacks substance. Glen defeated him on the issues in every debate thus far. If he were my candidate I wouldn't have him get schooled by Urquhart any more either," stated Urquhart Political Director Brad White. "At each debate Carney proved himself far inferior when it comes to the specifics of the issues. If he doesn't read it in the Career Politicians playbook, it isn't going to be coming out of his mouth."

White further stated, "I really don't think he's presented an original thought during the entire campaign. By contrast, Mr. Urquhart's decades running businesses taught him to seek solutions from a wide range of creative problem-solving sources. For example, improving care and cutting costs, by actually getting doctors and patients together without vast and expensive administrative middlemen through concepts like Health-Pact.

Glen Urquhart is a proven job creator and independent voice for the people of Delaware. Urquhart stood up to the party establishment to defeat their chosen candidate in the primary, and will continue that track record of independence in Congress.

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SOURCE Glen Urquhart for Congress