Carole M. Amber Author of "The Gift of the Ladybug" Selects Whitegate PR as Agency of Record to Launch Ladybug Celebration Week

Dec 10, 2013, 05:00 ET from Whitegate PR

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Carole M. Amber, Author of "The Gift of the Ladybug" selects boutique public relations firm Whitegate PR as their agency of record. "The Gift of the Ladybug" is much more than a book. It is a way of being, an example of how to live, and a testament to the wisdom of Carole's beloved son TJ. "The Gift of the Ladybug" is a magical story of peace, love, joy, and acceptance through the eyes of two horses that learn their son is actually a handsome little ladybug. Learn more at:

Since its successful release as #1 Amazon Mover & Shaker, "The Gift of the Ladybug" has donated over 250 books to children with critical illnesses, thousands of dollars to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF), and continues to donate 30% book profits to UMDF. 

Deemed both a "Bobby's Book" (one of 250 children's books in the U.S. selected to help children cope) and one of the first "bibliotherapy" books in Asia, "The Gift of the Ladybug" is used as a healing tool by hospitals, schools, therapists, and parents. 

This story came to Carole in a flash during one of her darkest moments. She was driving home from the Cleveland Clinic after hearing the doctor say, "Your son TJ may not see his second birthday." She was reeling, frozen in a catatonic state, and in agonizing pain.

Suddenly Carole began visualizing horses and ladybugs floating in her head. She watched as the ladybug asked the horses why they were crying, and she heard the ladybug say, "But I don't know how to be a horse. I only know how to be a ladybug." It was these words and the peace that they brought her, that allowed her to find relief in that harrowing moment.

In the days following that car ride, Carole put pen to paper and wrote "The Gift of the Ladybug for TJ." She gave it to him for Christmas and was able to read it to him countless times. TJ peacefully passed away in April 2009 at fourteen months old due to complications from Leigh syndrome.

Inspired by TJ's remarkable way of living, the character Polkadot the LadyBug, loves himself for exactly who he is. He also shows us how to play wholeheartedly, find joy in the little things, live in peace, and love unconditionally. This book will inspire you to love yourself exactly as you are.

"The Gift of the Ladybug" mirrors the way TJ made his family feel. His eyes and demeanor would say, "Mom and Dad, I'm okay. It must be this way." The book provided comfort to Carole and her family when they needed it most, and it helped them reframe how they looked at their circumstances. They would remind themselves that if TJ could face his fate with joy, laughter, love, and peace, then they could find a way to do the same.

Their wise little ladybug gave a glimpse of what it is like to fly. Carole's hope is that because "The Gift of the Ladybug" was so instrumental for her and her family, it will help others, too.

Working together, Whitegate PR and Carole Amber will present Ladybug Celebration Week, launching January 26th 2014.

Ladybug Celebration Week (1/26-1/31) is an international celebration of critically ill children heroes and the launch of the Kindle version of "The Gift of the Ladybug". We are partnering with local children's hospitals, hospice, and fundraising organizations to spread the word to over 3,000,000 ladybug lovers and offering a FREE Kindle download of The Gift of the Ladybug. One free download = one ladybug celebrated (goal 10,000 downloads). Author Carole Amber will also be hand-delivering books to 500 critically ill children in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Houston. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

About Author Carole M. Amber
Author Carole M. Amber is most proud of being TJ's mom. She is also an entrepreneur, speaker, and columnist. The Gift of the Ladybug was ranked #1 Mover & Shaker and bestseller on Carole has been featured on radio shows including LA Talk Radio, Dresser After Dark, and Colorado's Morning News, and speaks to elementary schools, hospitals, and fundraisers across the country. Carole and her husband also have a food blog, ChopSizzlePop, and live in New York City.

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