Transforms Car Buying; The Best Way To Buy A New Car Online!

Patent Pending Technology Levels The Playing Field Between Buyers and Dealers Guaranteeing The Best Possible Deal & A Great Car Buying Experience

Oct 13, 2010, 11:29 ET from CarWoo!

BURLINGAME, Calif. and LAS VEGAS, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- CarWoo! today launches the first online service that allows buyers to receive firm offers on new cars anonymously from multiple competing dealers, ensuring the best possible offer on the car they want.  The first of its kind nationwide, new car buying marketplace, CarWoo! enables consumers to interact with multiple dealers online, get their best offers without needing to haggle with dealerships on-site, or to make endless phone calls to find a dealer with the car they want at the price they're willing to pay.

CEO and co-founder of CarWoo! Tommy McClung explains how CarWoo! became a reality, "when I bought my last car, the experience was horrible.  I did my research online...but when it came time to actually locate and buy the car all I got was spam email and phone calls from dealers, none of whom answered my questions or listened to what I wanted.  Rather than get the information I needed, I got hard pitches for me to come into their dealerships or alleged no-haggle quotes for non-existent cars." Adds McClung, "I knew there had to be a better way. We created CarWoo! to give consumers a great experience where they're not just sold off to several dealers as a lead."

"The time that it takes consumers to shop multiple dealerships, compare their incomplete quotes, negotiate and finally settle on a car is overwhelming.  In the end, you're never quite sure whether you have gotten the best deal, or have just been beaten down. CarWoo! allows you to find the best deal and have fun, all from the comfort of your home," McClung said.

"We found that dealers were frustrated too," says Erik Landerholm, CTO and co-founder of CarWoo!  "They are burdened with outdated systems that don't work any better for them than they do for the buyers. With CarWoo!, the entire process is open and transparent."

How it Works:

Once the buyer has described the car they want, dealers compete for their business.  Built in commenting enables buyers and dealers to ask questions, communicate and negotiate, but only as and when the buyer wants.  CarWoo! never reveals the buyer's personal information until they have selected the offer they want from the dealer they want to do business with. Negotiations are stress-free because they are anonymous and happen outside pressure filled showrooms.

Because the system is designed around openness and transparency, dealers know exactly what other offers the buyer is seeing, so there's no guessing game and the offers become more competitive. By not taking money from dealers, CarWoo! is able to be a true consumer advocate. CarWoo! buyers are known to be in-market in the last leg of the car buying process, so dealers are free to make better offers to 'woo' consumers to purchase the car from them, rather than wasting money, time and energy on leads that rarely result in a sale.

A Win for Dealers Too:

"There have been a lot of attempts in the past to bring buyers to the dealership's proverbial front door with mixed success.  CarWoo! has a win-win approach of connecting consumers who are truly ready to purchase to dealers who are truly ready to deal.  Their service brings shoppers who have real skin in the game and we can prioritize these opportunities accordingly," said Jeremy Beaver, Del Grande Dealer Group.  

Transforming the Car Buying Process:

Touted as a car buyer's best friend, CarWoo! looks after the consumer's best interests. CarWoo! will never send spam or unsolicited email to car buyers, nor do they ever take money from dealers and they ruthlessly protect their buyer's privacy.

With veteran industry advisors and board directors that include Rob Chesney, former VP/GM of eBay Motors, Dillon McDonald, former COO of Jumpstart Automotive, Tom Taira, CEO and founder of and co-founder of Zag and TrueCar, Jeff Fluhr, founder and former CEO of StubHub, Tim Weaver, Vice President of Sales for ResponseLogix, Niall Hay, E-Commerce Director for a major automotive group, and Michael Yang, former VP/GM of Yahoo! Autos, CarWoo! is well positioned to revolutionize the new car buying process.  

Car Buying Haggling Be Gone:

"Over 80% of consumers use the Internet to help them with their new car shopping process and there is no shortage of auto-related information online.  However, most third party automotive sites have failed to help the consumer during the negotiation process.  CarWoo! brings this missing component to the puzzle, which is why Vehix is excited to be their partner," said Derek Mattsson, CEO

"When I was ready to buy a new car recently, I was besieged with dealers emailing and calling me, trying to get me to come into their dealership to negotiate. I knew that I would be at a disadvantage if I stepped foot on their grounds and that my negotiations would be suboptimal because I would have to do it serially versus concurrently.  CarWoo! changed that and dealers competed for my business, saving me more money than I ever expected," said CarWoo! customer, Joe Gambescia.

Available Immediately:

Consumers have the option of two plans with which to negotiate anonymously with dealers with availability today at and coming soon to its online partners. CarWoo! executives will be available at Digital Dealer, Blogworld Expo, and J. D. Power and Associates Automotive Internet Roundtable.

About CarWoo!

CarWoo!, simply the best way to buy a new car, was founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneurs, Tommy McClung, Erik Landerholm and Michael Young. It is the first online service that allows buyers to negotiate anonymously with multiple dealers, ensuring the best offers on the car they want.  With early funding by Y Combinator, CarWoo! is based in Burlingame, CA and is now funded by Blumberg Capital, Comcast Interactive Capital and Interwest Partners.  Find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at