Case-mate Launches First Online iPhone Case Personalization Tool

Consumers Can Collaborate With Today's Trendsetting Global Artists to Receive Made-to-Order Cases

Jan 06, 2010, 07:00 ET from case-mate

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Case-mate, a designer of innovative accessories for mobile devices and electronics, today announced the launch of a new brand experience called I Make My Case. I Make My Case is the first Web site of its kind in the mobile accessories space that allows users to create their own original composition by re-mixing the designs of internationally-renowned graphic artists, including Joshua Davis, Deanne Cheuk, Thomas Hooper, Matt Moore, Hannah Stouffer, Ray Frenden, Anthony Yankovic, Nigel Dennis, Shadow Chen, Chuck Anderson and more. Consumers who want the end-result without the effort can purchase a pre-designed case from the site as well.

Designed for true customization, I Make My Case allows users to choose all elements of their case starting with the background color scheme and shade. From there they can pull in a variety of elements, including artist-rendered illustrations such as dinosaur skulls, mushroom caps, gems and doodles to ink blots to images of hands and lips, just to name a few. The design is completed as users take advantage of an array of tools to create unique effects with a kaleidoscope, monochromatic palette or mirror option.

"From its inception, case-mate has focused on offering consumers the broadest array of colors, materials and finishes for mobile handsets and laptop cases. We understand consumers' need for personalization and are always looking for new ways to encourage the celebration of self-expression," said Shashi Reddy, case-mate's founder and CEO. "I Make My Case offers users a rare chance to get inside the mind of their favorite artists, yet bring their own creative vision into the process to manifest a truly unique case."

From start-to-finish, I Make My Case is as easy as 1-2-3. Consumers choose their artist, then use their mouse to pick from the various design options, clicking and dragging their selection to a blank canvas that represents the back of the iPhone with its exact dimensions. From there, they can either save the design or add it to the cart and checkout. Consumers can save as many designs as they want, going back again and again to expand upon their original creation.

"Case-mate totally gets it. They understood that by giving me the autonomy to lead with my own CREATIVE vision that the consumer would be able to be free with theirs," said Joshua Davis.

Case-mate uses a state-of-the-art 3D printing process that embeds inks directly with the case - ensuring that it will not scratch or abrade with daily use. The print wraps completely up around the sides of the case providing full 3D coverage as well. Each original case gets stamped with "1 of 1 case - designed by you, produced in Atlanta" on the inside sleeve.

Pricing and Availability

The I Make My Case personalization tool will be live on January 6, 2010 at Pre-designed cases will be available for $34.99 and customized made-to-order cases will be available for $39.99 per case. Cases designed by the consumer typically arrive 7-10 days from purchase.

About the Artists

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis is a New York-based artist, designer, and technologist producing both public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions. "Davis creates his work through explorations of the technical and aesthetic limits of software programs to generate unique visual compositions according to rules-based, randomized processes," said Cooper Hewitt. The results are often what Joshua refers to as "the beautiful accident." He was named one of the Ten Most Creative People by the IPPA (Internet Professional Publishers Association), and was the winner of the 2001 Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica in the category "Net Excellence," the highest honor in international digital art and design. His works have been displayed at the Tate Modern (London), Le Centre Pompidou (Paris), and Moma (New York), and the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt.

Deanne Cheuk

Deanne Cheuk is a New York-based art director, illustrator and artist. She got her first job as a magazine art director at the age of 19. Since then, Cheuk has art directed or designed numerous publications, including most recently, Tokion Magazine. Cheuk's art direction has been heavily influenced by her illustrative work and she is renowned for her illustrative typography. She has been commissioned by top international companies, including American Express, Dell, Lane Crawford, Levi's, Nike, Converse, Sprint, Swatch, Target, MTV, The Gap, Urban Outfitters, The Guardian, T Magazine and The New York Times Magazine. She has also judged competitions for the Art Director's Club NY and the Type Director's Club NY, and is on the Board of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, AIGA/NY.

Thomas Hooper

English born, Thomas lives, paints and tattoos in New York City; husband to Kimberly Hooper, son to Mary Purfield, Brother to Peter & Eleanor Hooper. Thomas has worked for Jim Macairt, Alex Binnie, Dante Dimassa and now works for Lori Leven. Born in Hastings East Sussex, he moved from London to America to pursue his goals in tattooing and art. Thomas is extremely grateful to have such good friends from all over the world in his life, to have been given the opportunity to tattoo and to have such trusting and loyal customers. Please view his work at New York Adorned:

Matt W. Moore

Matt W. Moore is the founder of MWM Graphics, a Design and Illustration studio based in Portland, Maine. Matt works across disciplines, from colorful digital illustrations in his signature "Vectorfunk" style, to freeform watercolor paintings, and massive aerosol murals. MWM exhibits his artwork in galleries all around the world, and collaborates with clients in all sectors. Matt is also Co-Founder & Designer for Glyph Cue Clothing.

Hannah Stouffer

Los Angeles-based illustrator Hannah Stouffer finds a great deal of comfort in imagery - it's an admiration that is often times overwhelming. With an infatuation for icons and images that reflect and categorize historical eras, genres and subcultures, her work is an opulent, elegant and beautifully intricate mixture of illustration and design. Her densely-packed compositions consciously recall classical elements from our past and combine them with our modern attractions, creating cohesive yet opposing arrays of imagery and embellishment. She focuses on the contrasts between periods in time, subcultures and social trends and merges them together with a high regard for traditional decoration.

Nigel Dennis

26-year old Chicago artist Nigel Dennis entered the professional scene in 2004 bearing the stamp 'ELECTRIC HEAT.' Since then he has proven himself a prolific designer. Implementing a variety of elements from photography to typography to free-hand illustration, his compositions conceal a broad palette. Nigel's work has effectively blurred the line between fine art and innovative design-advertising. Due to this unique synthesis, Electric Heat has attracted attention from corporate America and the cultural underground simultaneously.

Anthony Yankovic

Art is deeply rooted in Anthony's family history. His great, great, great grandfather brought the first paint brush over to America on the Mayflower. During the voyage he feared that the fine hogs-haired bristles would be damaged on board the crowded vessel. He had no other choice but to hold the brush above his head like a torch during the trip's entirety. Due to the poor living conditions and lack of blood flow, his arm fell ill, turned black and died. Upon reaching land his fellow countrymen were in dire need of extravagant oil paintings and the only tool of the trade was stuck in the blackened death grip of his great, great, great grandfather's deceased hand. After little to no discussion they lopped his arm off with a wooden axe. Still unable to remove the brush, they resorted to stuffing and bronzing the limb. The appendage-brush became that of legend and has since been put on display in the parking lot of the Akron Art Museum.

Ray Frenden

Ray Frenden is a self-taught illustrator with a penchant for monsters and the macabre. Drawing from a childhood weaned on old horror comics, pulp fiction, and sci-fi, his brush and ink work hearkens to an older era. His sensibilities for line and footing in current color and design trends helps make the work unique.

Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an artist and designer originally from Chicago, IL and now living in Grand Rapids, MI. Working under the name NoPattern since 2003, Chuck's work has been utilized by a wide range of clients such as Microsoft, Vans, Reebok, Burton, and Atlantic Records. In addition to commercial work, his personal work has received much attention as well and can be purchased on his online store,

Shadow Chen

Shadow Chen AKA Saltyshadow, sees working as an illustrator and a graphic designer as the best thing ever. She has a product design background, but full passion for almost every form of visual art such as traditional painting, digital art, mixed media, graphic design and more. Her works are always seen in trippy and liquid forms, with a traditional twist and bright colors. She's now based in Ningbo, China, but dreaming of drawing the wildness of every corner of the world.

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