Casella Waste Systems Purchases Mobile Renewable Power Station from Arista Power

Sep 10, 2012, 10:39 ET from Arista Power, Inc.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Arista Power, Inc. ("Arista Power") (OTCBB: ASPW), a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of custom-designed power management systems, renewable energy storage systems, wind turbines, and a supplier and designer of solar energy systems, announced today that Casella Waste Systems, Inc. ("Casella") (NASDAQ: CWST), a solid waste, recycling, and resource management services company, has purchased a Mobile Renewable Power Station ("MRPS") from Arista Power.  The MRPS will be used for mobile power and clean energy marketing at Casella's promotional events.

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Mark Matthews, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Arista Power, said, "This is an example of taking what we've developed for our government customers, the U.S. Army and the FBI, and applying it to commercial opportunities.  There are companies with sustainability goals similar to the environmental stewardship program that Casella has implemented that are reaching out to us to investigate the use case of mobile power for a variety of community and corporate applications and events."

Mr. Matthews also said, "Our customers are recognizing the value of our MRPS' and Renewable Power Stations' ability to replace diesel generators in remote locations in a cost-effective manner with clean energy.  Each of our Renewable Power Stations and MRPSs are customized to optimize the renewable energy available and to fit the budget of the customer.  For example, we recently quoted a MRPS to a government entity that is very solar concentrated because that particular location does not have much wind but is ideal for solar.  Arista Power's MRPSs and Renewable Power Stations can be used for remote power generation at telecommunication sites, oil and gas drilling sites, mining operations, border patrol, and numerous other applications."

Casella is an early adopter in the corporate environmental stewardship field.  As early as 2003, the company demonstrated its commitment to fighting climate change.  That year, Casella became the first solid waste and recycling services company in the nation to join the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Climate Leaders Program. This voluntary industry-government partnership ended in 2011, but Casella remains committed to measuring its carbon footprint each year and working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"We recognize that our industry is evolving towards a model that rewards an approach to resource renewal and sustainability," John W. Casella, Chairman and CEO. "We are creating value from this shift by performing at the highest operational level today, and developing resource transformation business opportunities beyond the traditional waste consumption model that meet the emerging environmental sustainability needs of our customers today and tomorrow."

William Schmitz, CEO of Arista Power, said, "We are excited to work with Casella Waste Systems and are hopeful that this is the beginning of a potential long-term relationship between Arista Power and Casella.  We have sold our Renewable Power Stations for a variety of purposes, which illustrates the value of our flexible, scalable technologies.  As Arista Power continues to gain traction in the micro-grid space, we expect to sell many more Renewable Power Stations to commercial customers, such as Casella, as well as to government and military entities."

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Arista Power, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of custom-designed power management systems, renewable energy storage systems, WindTamer wind turbines, and a supplier and designer of solar energy systems.  Arista Power's patent-pending Power on Demand system utilizes inputs from multiple energy sources including wind, solar, fuel cells, and the grid, in conjunction with a custom-designed battery storage system and a proprietary smart monitoring technology that releases energy at optimal times to reduce peak power demand, thereby lowering electricity costs for large energy users who deal with peak usage pricing.  Arista Power also sells a Mobile Renewable Power Station (MRPS) that utilizes energy generated from wind, solar PV, generators, fuel cells and other energy-generating devices that is stored in an integrated onboard storage device for military and other applications, and a stationary, scalable Renewable Power Station (RPS) that can be drop-shipped to off-grid locations to be used as a micro-grid.  Arista Power's diffuser-augmented WindTamer wind turbine utilizes a patented technology for the production of electrical power.  For more information on Arista Power, visit the Company website at  View, Like, and Follow the Company's social media platforms at: 

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About Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

Casella Waste Systems, Inc., headquartered in Rutland, Vermont, provides solid waste management services consisting of collection, transfer, disposal, and recycling services in the northeastern United States. For further information, investors should contact Ned Coletta, vice president of finance and investor relations at (802) 772-2239, and media should contact Joseph Fusco, vice president at (802) 772-2247, or visit the company's website at

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