CaseNEX, LLC Acquires Prime Contract for Developing and Licensing Data Dashboard to New York State

Assumes EngageNY Portal Contract from Former Partner ConnectEDU

Aug 27, 2014, 08:00 ET from CaseNEX, LLC

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CaseNEX, LLC has taken over the role of Prime Contractor under a major contract with the New York State Education Department to develop and deploy an education data dashboard.  CaseNEX's "DataCation Compass" dashboard solution will be available to schools throughout the State of New York as one of the State's EngageNY Portal options. 

DataCation Compass has been developed to date through a partnership between the DataCation division of CaseNEX and ConnectEDU, Inc., as part of the EngageNY Portal program. Following ConnectEDU's recent bankruptcy filing, the bankruptcy court awarded certain assets of ConnectEDU to CaseNEX. Consequently, the contract – originally between ConnectEDU and the State of New York – for the data dashboard development and licensing has been assigned to CaseNEX. Through its previous role as a subcontractor, CaseNEX has experience working with the New York State Education Department and has successfully transitioned the contract from ConnectEDU to CaseNEX. CaseNEX has now taken over as project lead to complete the development and licensing.

CaseNEX's innovative DataCation Compass dashboard was at the core of the planned solution even under the previous ConnectEDU partnership. The transition will not result in any change in the dashboard's features, and CaseNEX will continue the deployment in accordance with NYSED's final specifications and rollout timeline, keeping the transition seamless for end-users. Under the terms of the contract assumption, CaseNEX will be responsible for all original contract terms and conditions, including the stringent data security and privacy protections that are required under the contract and that have been implemented since the inception of the project. 

CaseNEX is a pioneer in providing solutions that promote academic success, with deep experience in developing and deploying systems like the one it will provide to New York State schools as part of EngageNY.  DataCation, the data division of CaseNEX, offers a variety of products and services and is currently used in over 500 New York City schools and thousands nationwide.

"I am happy that we have succeeded in taking over the project, and that we will continue working with the State's education leadership," said CaseNEX President and DataCation co-founder Peter Bencivenga. "We have built the leading dashboard available to New York State schools, and want to complete the task so schools and students can experience the benefits of what we offer.  We wish the best for our former colleagues at ConnectEDU but we are thrilled that we are once again moving ahead with our innovative DataCation Compass solution for schools throughout New York."

DataCation Compass was selected by 45% of schools (by enrollment) that exercised their choice among the three possible Dashboard Solutions. DataCation Compass is a long-sought after solution for teachers who are frustrated with fragmented data solutions. Some benefits of DataCation Compass include: Automatically mapping student performance to Common Core Standards and utilizing early warning indicator flags to assess which students are on track and which students need assistance.

DataCation is committed to providing tailored solutions for school communities to support leadership, teachers, parents, and students by making it easy to view, analyze and cross-reference data. Utilizing flexible and intuitive technologies, the DataCation team pride themselves on providing the latest in cutting-edge technology for school communities nationwide.

As a leader in the education technology industry for over 15 years, CaseNEX products and services are now used in all 50 States. Today, CaseNEX operates through three divisions:  CaseNEX Professional Development, DataCation data- and school-management software solutions, and PALS Marketplace literacy assessment solutions.  Across these three divisions, CaseNEX's offerings include pioneering case-method professional development courses along with an array of tools to help schools gather and break down complex student data to inform and support instruction.

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