Cash USA Today Releases Official Home Energy Savings Report

Oct 27, 2010, 13:31 ET from Cash USA Today

MADISON, Wis., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- As a licensed and responsible direct online lender, Cash USA Today takes pride in educating consumers and potential lenders in all areas of personal finance as well as payday loans themselves.  One of the best methods to preventing a sudden need for a cash advance is to be proactive and not only save money, but to also cut down on unnecessary monthly expenses which is why Cash USA Today is proud to release their Official Home Energy Savings Report.

Cash USA Today: Official Home Energy Savings Report

It is no secret that the American economy is making it tough on many American families and individuals alike.  As a cash advance lender, Cash USA Today is receiving more loan requests, applications and payday loan leads than ever.  But as a responsible and trusted online lender, Cash USA Today also provides consumers with the information necessary to decide whether a loan is the best option, and also how to cut costs and save money to hopefully avoid needing to take out a loan in case of a fast cash emergency.

The typical American home spends over $1,300 a year on energy and utility expenses, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, with over 40% of the home's energy being lost from "air infiltration" (air flow from windows, doors etc.).  Because home energy costs represent such a large portion of yearly expenses, there are plenty of opportunities to cut back on this expense and easily save an extra $20-$40 per month.  For example, by cutting back the thermostat during the night or when you leave the house, you can reduce monthly heating costs by 20%. Of course by simply putting more effort into turning off lights when you leave the house or simply don't need them, you will generally lower your electric bill by the end of the month.

Another potential area to save energy (and therefore money) is hot water.  Most people don't know that 13% - 17% of home energy expenses come from heating water.  This is also one of the easiest expenses to cut back on.  By washing clothes in warm or even cold water, with a cold rinse, you will cut back on hot water expenses.  By taking quicker showers in the winter and installing low-flow/aerated faucet heads you will decrease the hot water bill even more.

There are many other tips that can reduce energy and save money in the long run, but may require a slight investment.  For example, by installing new caulking/seals on doors and windows will cost you upfront, but generally pay for itself in the first year.  And replacing an older appliance will cost you upfront, but you can count on lower energy bills from the moment you plug in the new energy-efficient unit.

At Cash USA Today, we understand that times are tough and money is tight.  That's why we are here for you with not only the fast cash advance or short term loan needs but we are available by phone when you need us.  We have the information and resources necessary to help avoid financial pitfalls and make responsible and informed decisions regarding your personal finance loan needs.