Launches The Next Phase In Alternative Consumer Cash Options Uses Win-Win Business Model To Recycle, Earn Profit, And Give Back.

Jan 29, 2013, 11:00 ET from

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In a world of never-ending purchasing, re-gifting and recycling, a vast array of products changes hands daily. When it comes to luxury handbags, one company has a unique take on this exchange process. Online business makes it easy for handbag fashionistas to rid themselves of their current designer handbags and trade up with the money they'll collect.

" is committed to paying the highest prices for our customers' luxury purses, to providing one-on-one consultations and excellent customer service," says company founder Trent Silver. "We don't waste money on expensive advertising - we prefer to put that money in our customers' hands...or handbags, so to speak." 

Silver's team has made the process very simple, a fact that customers really appreciate - just three steps: fill out a form, send in your old purse in a free pre-paid shipping box and receive cash. The company has ensured customer satisfaction with a simple rule that many competitors neglect: customers must see and accept their cash for purse offer before they are paid. "We encourage customers to become educated so they know they are getting fair prices and we make education a big part of our model. Plus, customers tell us that they enjoy the experience of trading in and receiving cash while interacting with our knowledgeable, fun team," Silver explains.

Customers who send in their purses are also "giving back" at the same time. " is dedicated to helping the environment by finding new homes for purses and handbags. Your 'useless' purses and handbags can be of great use to someone else," explains Silver. also has a fundraising program that allows sports teams, non-profit organizations, religious institutions and schools to collect purses and turn them in for fundraising cash. The company helps every step of the way, providing advertising material that can be printed and used to promote an organization's purse collection campaign.

In addition to its fundraising program, partners with charities such as The Mega Purse Event in McAllen, Texas, a fund-raising collaboration between The Monitor and the Food Bank RGV, providing community members with an opportunity to show their support by raising funds for the School Tools and Newspapers in Education programs. "When we heard about the Mega Purse Event and its selfless mission, we had to get involved," says Silver. is helping to raise awareness about the event in addition to sponsoring and donating designer handbags to the cause. "We're super excited to start this journey with," says Karen Featherston, special events manager at Food Bank RGV. Last year's Mega Purse event drew close to 500 people and they expect even more this year. "This is just the beginning of our involvement with these types of programs. We are committed to making philanthropy a huge focus of our business plan," Silver says.

In fact, the company's goodwill extends even beyond the typical "charity organization." Silver recently reached out through social media to beleaguered starlet Lindsay Lohan with this offer, "I invite Lindsay Lohan to contact my company, We are a high-end and designer handbag buyer and we'll purchase her excess handbags to help pay her bills. I'll personally match the total value of all her bags and send it to a charity of her choice."

The recommerce platform evolved from the cash for gold and cash for electronics business model, with the added element of philanthropy.

For more information, contact Trent Silver, founder, at (813) 494-0205 or email