Casinix Exchange Launch at World Retail Congress - Berlin, Germany

Oct 29, 2010, 07:12 ET from Casinix Exchange, Inc.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Casinix Exchange, Inc., ( a global financial exchange, introduced centralized origination, redemption, marketing and settlement to the $94 billion retailer stored value space at the World Retail Congress – a gathering of the industry's leading retailers - in Berlin this week.  Casinix Exchange central clearing and settlement platform enable highly competitive retailers to easily redeem "marketplace stored value" from each other and Casinix Exchange listed merchants worldwide.  Casinix Exchange will capture 2% per month of the $94 billion stored value market.  The Exchange eliminates $7.5 billion consumers lose annually to breakage (value purchased but never redeemed).  "We are pleased to announce our game-changing ecosystem to a distinguished roster of retail industry executives,"  Isaac L. Daniel, Casinix Exchange, Inc. chief executive officer said.



"After reviewing Casinix Exchange business model - it became clear Casinix Exchange solves several problems plaguing the global stored value space.  Casinix Exchange is an enormously forward thinking company that directs tangible economic benefit to retailers and consumers worldwide,"  Dr. Thomas J. Dudley, retired Pepperdine University business school professor and Casinix Exchange board member, said.  The Exchange eliminates worries about lost cards, value expiration, bankrupt merchants or a consumer simply not wanting products or services from an 'originating' merchant. The platform introduces a "pay-for-revenue™" marketing solution for retailers – to capture precise measurable return from retailers ad spend.  Retailers can now bypass "upfront fees" associated with Madison Avenue firms – yet increase relevance with consumers and their social networks.  

Merchants currently sell stored value to customers and receive cash from the transaction.  The approach temporarily serves merchants but does not serve customers best interest.  Merchants may go out of business which, in most cases, customers lose redemption value already paid for.  Customers lose their cards, thus no longer able to redeem value – given value is stored on their card rather than Casinix Exchange central exchange hub.  Customers' value further erodes as 1.5% or more monthly fees accrue.  Often redemption value is loss when card expires or customers simply don't want products or services from originating merchant.

Casinix Exchange solves those problems by introducing centralized origination, redemption, marketing and settlement – in this highly fragmented space.  Merchants are no longer paid up front when stored value is sold; rather Casinix Exchange escrows customer's cash until customer redeem value to purchase merchant's products or services.  Casinix Exchange pays merchants the moment customers redeem stored value, not when customers buy stored value.  The process enables customers to "originate" value through Casinix Exchange with one merchant, yet should the customer change their mind or merchant problems emerge - "redeem" value with millions of Casinix Exchange listed merchants throughout the world.  

The Exchange launched a massive retailer registration effort in 86 countries today.  Commencing Q2 – 2011, as indicated by the count-down timer on the Exchange home page - consumers may purchase or redeem value through the Exchange with active Casinix Exchange UK or USA retailers.  The Exchange continues consumer services roll out as tax, escheatment, regulatory, compliance and cultural issues are resolved in respective country.  The Exchange selectively partners with retailers, trade organizations or investors in foreign markets to ensure connectedness with consumers and generate worldwide viral revenue for the partner.  A limited number of Casinix Exchange Founder Seats are available at a cost of US$1.57 million – that include preferred shares in the Exchange.  Contact Casinix Exchange for more information regarding risks and privileges aligned with Founder Seat control.  HSBC Bank provides global commercial banking services to Casinix Exchange.    

Casinix Exchange, Inc. – Increases your relevance with customers.

Casinix Exchange ( is the world's first viral financial exchange and market-maker to represent the other side of what merchants and millions of consumers want to do with affinity, stored value products.  Casinix Exchange pioneered "retailer-neutrality™" – delivering "systemic intelligence™" to stored value buyers and sellers.  Founded in 2004, Casinix Exchange is headquartered in Palo Alto, California – Silicon Valley.  

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