Casting Workbook launches the first multi-language Talent Casting Software

Mar 03, 2011, 15:47 ET from Casting Workbook Services, Inc.

TORONTO, March 3 /PRNewswire/ - Casting Workbook, Canada's premier online casting software will launch a full Québécois French-language system on March, 9th 2011.

Casting Workbook will be the first multi-language online breakdown system in North America. For over 15 years Casting Workbook has been providing proprietary software to meet the casting needs of the entertainment industry.

"This was a huge undertaking to convert our software for other languages, but we felt that it was so important to include the entire industry in an already bilingual country.  We are excited to provide our service to all Producers, Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Actors in Quebec!" said Susan Fox, Casting Workbook's President. "We have made our entire platform multilingual and loading the French component makes it possible for us to embrace the Quebec Film industry and provide them with exceptional service and software."

This is a celebratory milestone for Casting Workbook. For a number of years the company has worked with English speaking and bilingual industry professionals in Montreal; now Casting Workbook is able to provide its service to those looking for Francophone talent.

About Casting Workbook

Casting Workbook is one of the most respected entertainment script breakdown services in the world. Tens of thousands of actors use Casting Workbook and over 190,000 roles have been cast for a variety of film, television and commercial projects.

Casting Workbook's professional service is used in every step of the casting process. Actors subscribe to and maintain online portfolios. Casting Directors create and post breakdowns, schedule and upload audition sessions, while agents organize, manage and submit talent for auditions. Meanwhile, an entire network of producers, directors, studio executives, and other industry professionals are able to quickly and securely distribute valuable information regarding projects and actors who are being considered for roles.

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