Casual Motorcycle Clothing Mall uglyBROS Now with Customers in Over 20 Countries

Motorcycle Clothing for Riders, Not Racers

Nov 20, 2015, 09:00 ET from uglyBROS

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Korean specialty motorcycle clothing mall uglyBROS ( is quickly gaining popularity among biking enthusiasts around the world for producing casual style bike gear, addressing what until now has been a gap in the market. The company was established in 2004 and has shown a phenomenal growth rate topping 100% every year since 2012, when it expanded its sales channel to the entire world.

"Bikes are now used as a means of transportation for short distances, for fun, and for fashion," explains CEO Yoon Sang-hyun. "However, motorcycle clothing used to be bulky with exaggerated designs people found hard to adapt to, so we began to produce casual style motorcycle clothing to eliminate the problem."

But a change in style was not the only thing that spurred the growth. uglyBROS is winning customer satisfaction by emphasizing comfort while maintaining safety, basic traits every piece of motorcycle clothing has to guarantee. Most notably, uglyBROS allows the user to attach and remove safety gear from the outside of the clothing, when in existing clothing, it had to be done from the inside, and once all safety gear is removed, uglyBROS clothing looks like everyday casual wear.

uglyBROS products are distributed to over 20 countries around the world including Korea, USA, China, Japan, Thailand, and Europe, and they can be purchased through the Korean and English online malls ( developed by Korea's largest e-commerce solution brand cafe24 ( and through various offline bike shops overseas.

"Purchases by Chinese and American customers account for a large share of our sales," said Yoon. "Chinese customers prefer leather products or products with flashy designs, while American customers, on the other hand, prefer functional items that effectively protect the body."

uglyBROS also fully reflects the voice of customers, and began to produce bigger sizes two years ago. It did not simply expand the size of existing products, but redesigned the products considering the physical characteristics of bigger customers to create products made especially for them.

Yoon went on to say, "Our products are basically for riding, but customers can wear them for everyday activities. Like riding jackets that have become a popular fashion item, we will concentrate on popularizing our various styles to make uglyBROS a global fashion brand."